Emirates cable car in miniature!

gondolasfi - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Budding model collectors have an opportunity to collect one of just 99 specially created models depicting London’s Emirates cable car! These are priced at £300 each – so make it quick before they sell out! The exclusive collectors models can be found at this LT Museum page.

LT Museum says:

The Emirates Air Line electric cable car model set is exclusive to the London Transport Museum, only 99 produced… This model is built by Doppelmayr with sponsorship from the airline Emirates.

emiratesmodel01 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

I thought this quite interesting since Doppelmayr are real cable car builders not modellers…. and have probably never made scale models (either in 1/32th or HO scales) for the mass markets. They might have given a special licensing to the actual manufacturers to create this limited edition for all I know.

Let’s have a look… a quick browse in Amazon revels the LT Museum cabins are exactly the same as those built by Jaegerndorfer. Their cable car cabins (better known as gondolas) are exact scale versions of Dopplemayer’s. Both versions are of course made in 1/32 scale.

JAW2018 10 44 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

A selection of Jaegerndorfer gondolas. Source: Jaegerndorfer

There is however one difference between the general models and those for London’s Emirates Air Line. Our London cable car doesn’t go up hills (and of course there’s generally not enough no snow in those hills either) therefore it has no need for the ski racks! So that’s the main difference, those ski racks are not included in the London version of the model.

gondolas1 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

The official London version!

LT Museum says their model is ‘designed in Austria,’ and guess what…. Jaegerndorfer is based in Austria!

If one looks at the pylons they are exactly the same. Just some slight mods in terms of overlays to emulate the latticed pylons on the London version, as well as an extra deck to sort of portray the galleries part way up the pylons for the maintenance workers.

51DylNWGM2L. SL1104  - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Jaegerndorfer pylon. Source: Amazon

cable car9 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Dopplemayer/LT Museum pylon. Source: LT Museum shop

Looking at the terminus buildings/winding gear there seems to be a huge difference, however close scrutiny shows there is a definite legacy between the two models.

71MYToVLGpL. SL1500  - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Substantial Jaegerndorfer model. Source: Amazon

cable car8 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Dopplemayer/LT Museum winding gear. Source: LT Museum shop

Look at the base and one will see a commonality between the two versions. Its certain the LT version is a half sort of version of the Jaegerndorfer base.

The winding gear is exactly the same on both models.

71cGtd8ZfDL. SL1500  - Emirates cable car in miniature!

The Jaegerndorfer base. If one looks at the full sized image it will be seen the name on the larger pillar in fact says Doppelmayer! Source: Amazon

Further searches revealed other products including this one – from which it can be seen the LT Museum version is based on this. Thus its simply a case of using those mouldings with different colours or labels. Here’s Jaegerndorfer’s offering with basic winding gear…

JAW2018 10 28 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

A basic Jaegerndorfer cable car set, with the winding gear seen in the LT Museum version. Source: Jaegerndorfer

It must be said that Jaegerndorfer doesnt have any products based on the Emirates Air Line in its catalogue thus naturally the LT Museum version is indeed a special one.

winder1 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

The LT Musuem’s winding gear…

winder2 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

The Jaegerndorfer winding gear…. viola! They’re both the same!

At first sight it looks expensive. But is it? To be honest, building a real gondola cableway is very expensive because its not some old cable car that shuttles back and forth.

In real life these gondolas can do a lot of things, including changing stations, running on rails, turning onto a different alignment, going through points, going up and then down hills (like the Emirates does either side of the Thames) and so on. Its a whole different ken from the usual larger cable cars (better known as téléphériques.)

Thus the models too have special mechanisms (though not as complex as the real ones.) Naturally anything of this sort is bound to be expensive. The basic model offering (without pylons) is around £132.00 (at current rates.) The pylons themselves are £140.00 for a pair on Amazon.

This makes a total of £270.00. Let’s not forget the basic model includes one gondola and one ski seater. The latter are fairly cheap being around £22.00. The gondoals are slightly more expensive, £29 or more on Amazon. Some of the more specialist versions are nearer £40. Thus this would make say around £280.00 or £290.00 when compared to the London version.

The LT Museum version is an exclusive one, naturally with mods and embellishments to make it as faithful to the real thing as is possible, This includes the Emirates Air Line livery, the pylons made to look like the latticed versions found on the London pylons. Plus these are specially boxed with TfL and Emirates’ identity. And it seems £300 is about right when compared with other offerings.

In terms of being an exclusive collectors edition, it is a good offering especially if one is into collectors editions or likes cable cars and that sort of stuff.

LT Museum Special Edition Emirates Cable Car

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