DSC 5944fi 1 - RV1 ends

As a good number of my readers will know, the RV1 ended last night. Although I was not able to go out due to injuries, here’s a quick post plus some social media pictures of the RV1’s finale.

This round of bus cuts is the most hefty so far by TfL – many buses altered completely or withdrawn over lengthy sections. Its likely the most comprehensive curtailment of services since the GLC’s ‘Fares Fair’ policy in the early 1980s (undertaken with substantial new frequencies on many of London’s bus routes. See also here.)

Bus observers say its messy, with one field expert claiming the RV1 could not be losing anywhere near the alleged amount specified by TfL (£3.3 million) also there’s no clear concise information as to which ‘new’ services (those routes diverted considerably) can be used. Besides the total loss of the RV1 Fenchurch Street loses its buses completely as does Queen Victoria Street, Fetter Lane etc.

There’s another round coming later this year. Many question whether TfL are employing the right approach in regards to this mass slashing of London bus routes/service frequencies.

After all, to be a mad bus service slasher, one needs to be part of a substantial team working for TfL in the first place – undertaking surveys and identifying which routes are prime for the chop. Clearly the expenses for these staff cannot be found anywhere it seems.

D9C2hEmXUAMN8E  - RV1 ends

One of the RV1’s drivers, Said, on his final day of duties. Source: Twitter

D9B3 IbX4AEmipK - RV1 ends

Even protests continued on the final day. The location is near Tower Bridge note the bus stops are already modded. Source: Twitter

D9CPLweXoAApaur - RV1 ends

Another Save the RV1 picture. Source: Twitter

D9EYIsyU0AEAu30 1024x768 - RV1 ends

The last RVI for Covent Garden at Tower Gateway. Source: Twitter (Note: Account has been deleted thus an archived image is used.)

D9EYKtwX4AAhUjX 1024x768 - RV1 ends

The last bus arrives at Covent Garden. Note the bus stop’s already marked as not in use. Source: Twitter (Note: Account has been deleted thus an archived image is used.)

D9D1XS3W4AAUJLp - RV1 ends

In memoriam card on the final bus, the 00.05 departure from Covent Garden. Source: Twitter

D9E FPqXsAA 5RK - RV1 ends

The final bus, or so everyone thought, waiting to depart from Covent Garden. Source: Twitter

The bus for the 00.05 departure from Covent Garden turned out to be a different one to what everyone thought.

D9E HJVXYAAbBQ1 - RV1 ends

Last ever RV1 has an almost full load. Source: Twitter

D9D1RbjXYAg4uro - RV1 ends

Final RV1 poster. Source: Twitter

DSC 5940 - RV1 ends

Just for prosperity’s sake here’s a pic I took of the RV1 at London bridge on 11 June 2019. Pic at top of page also by me.

Its said the RV1 hydrogen buses will be used on the 444.

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