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This week a new memorial to one of London Transport’s pioneers, was unveiled. Its at Farringdon station and a new form of memorial much like the Frank Pick one at Piccadilly Circus, being that these take up an entire wall. Its a nice touch however and that for Edward Johnston, the person who created London transport’s iconic typeface, is well worth a look. Don’t be confused by the fact the lettering is in reverse, its how they looked on the printers’ blocks!

IMG 1262 - Johnston commemorated

The whole works – from a to z – with Johnston’s name thrown in for good measure!

The memorial was unveiled on Monday and there are quite a number of tweets depicting that occasion. Perhaps the most notable person in attendance was Sir Peter Hendy himself.

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Sir Peter Hendy, former London Transport supremo and now chair of Network Rail, at the unveiling ceremony. Source: Twitter

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The memorial from the far side (everyone took photos from that side over by the ticket barriers!) I wanted to be different 🙂

IMG 1283 - Johnston commemorated

Tourists posing in front of London’s brand new memorial.

IMG 1278 - Johnston commemorated

The detail on the information board by the new memorial.

There will be a new book by the Edward Johnston Foundation out soon – and its to celebrate the unveiling of the Farringdon memorial:

johnstonbook - Johnston commemorated

Good booksellers, Amazon, and the LT Museum no doubt will be stocking this book. Pre-orders can be made via the Edward Johnston Foundation itself.

The centre part of the memorial had Johnston’s name in reverse between the letters i and k. I have included a corrected (reversed) version for comparison:

IMG 1277 - Johnston commemorated
IMG 1277flip - Johnston commemorated

Was it Johnston’s name that influenced the actual design of font? Perhaps he realised his own name looked better with a diamond instead of a dot above the letter j?

Surprisingly his own students criticised the new typeface!

In Johnston I have lost confidence. Despite all he did for us…he has undone too much by forsaking his standard of the Roman alphabet, giving the world, without safeguard or explanation, his block letters which disfigure our modern life. His prestige has obscured their vulgarity and commercialism. (Source: Wikipedia)

Johnston was also responsible for the classic UndergrounD signs…

Dsb07qsWkAE2shx - Johnston commemorated

Johnston’s design for the famous LT roundel. Source: Twitter

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