A rose scented King's Cross tube

This is certainly an unusual advertising campaign for it escapes the conventional in order to embrace the delectable! Hendrick’s Gin currently has one of the largest tunnel wraps, 70 metres long, ever seen in Britain and its currently at King’s Cross tube station. The decorated floor is thought to be the longest such example of its kind so far. Besides being a visual campaign its also a sensory one with the scent of cucumber and roses.

Hello curious commuters – ready for a surprise?

The tunnel wrap campaign was launched a few days ago and its very popular with many people who stop to take pictures or selfies. One doesn’t have to have a taste for gin (or even be a fan of any sort of alcohol) to like the campaign. The style and visual impact alone is enough to make people stop and admire the various scenes and its certainly something that’s completely refreshing given the usual monotony of the underground’s tunnels.

Step into the delectable – and be impressed! The scenes may, or may not, depict the mythical United Kingston…

‘Hendrick’s tunnel’ is found at the bottom of the escalators which lead down from the King’s Cross northern ticket hall and its the one that leads towards the Piccadilly and Victoria Lines.

Guy turns his head to the side and asks himself ‘am I crazy or do I see pelicans on the tube?’

The campaign was created for Hendrick’s by advertising agency Space who are based in Holborn. The campaign runs at King’s Cross tube station until the 9th August.

This has to be one drink that’ll give you a Whales of a time in the United Kingston!

Undeniably peculiar, utterly delicious.

Roses and cucumber galore!

There is one slight snag with this advertising campaign. Some of the exhibits are rather out of sight, being right at the top of the curved tunnel walls. Many wont see these Jules Verne type airships for example because they are quite hidden by the low slung service ceiling duct in the centre of the tunnel.

One has to really look up!

Definitely not the Albatross. Roses are not a thing Robur would die for…

The unusual world en route to the Piccadilly or Victoria Lines.

Hendrick’s gin is the name up in the clouds…

And now its back to the conventional tube journey deep below King’s Cross station!

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