Year: 2020

  • TfL station gets Xmas makeover…

    Hyde Park Now-TfL station gets Xmas makeover...

    Santa really did give Oxford Circus station a mighty big Xmas makeover! It certainly beats me how it was done – maybe security had been lacking under the impression that it being the Xmas holiday and there was a partial lockdown (Tier 4 in fact), then no-one would be out to cause any problems. But […]

  • Marylebone station anniversary #2

    Hyde Park Now-Marylebone station anniversary #2

    From the 1950s to the end of the eighties. BR 45292 at Marylebone in April 1948, on what is possibly a Manchester express. Note the lower quadrant signal midway on the platform! It can also be seen in the picture featuring the women porters. Source: PicClick (The page in question has now been deleted and […]

  • Euston Anniversary Special #2

    Hyde Park Now-Euston Anniversary Special #2

    Euston station is a place one can either like, or hate.  Much applauded for its modernist design and more like an airport terminal than a railway station, nowadays many people see it as an eyesore. Many begrudge the fact the old station with its famous arch was swept away. Euston station once again faces changes […]

  • Seventy years of main line signalling in London #2

    Hyde Park Now-Seventy years of main line signalling in London #2

    The Central Section resignalling scheme which we looked at in the first part of this feature was conducted in a number of stages between 1950 and 1955 and it covered the main lines out of both London Victoria (actually Pouparts Junction) and London Bridge (actually Bricklayers Arms Junction) towards Purley where there was already colour […]

  • The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #2

    Hyde Park Now-The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #2

    This is the second part of the planning/construction of the Shinaksen. Its straight in to the history! The construction of the Shinkansen would require enormous investment, some thought it would be as much as 200 billion yen. A significant proportion of the funds would have to be raised from banking institutes. In 1959 the Minister […]

  • Southwark’s deep level tube shelter

    Hyde Park Now-Southwark's deep level tube shelter

    ‘The Deep’ apparently was the nickname for the Southwark deep level bomb shelter sited within the City and South London Railway’s former tunnels between Borough and London Bridge. The other end of this section at King William Street too was a bomb shelter however it was totally unconnected to Southwark’s thus the section of the […]

  • The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #1

    Hyde Park Now-The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #1

    Writing a comprehensive history upon the origins of Japan’s Shinkansen is a large project indeed – and few in the English world have sought to undertake such a task with the exception of Dr. Christopher Hood who is an expert on Japan and has penned a notable history of the Shinanksen. I’ve only read the […]

  • London Overground’s final 315

    Hyde Park Now-London Overground's final 315

    First it was the final Class 315 on the Romford-Upminster line and just two weeks later the final one too on the ‘Jazz’ suburban route from Liverpool Street to Enfield as well as the Southbury line to Cheshunt as well as the Chingford branch. It was said a class 315 was seen on these routes […]

  • The Barnstaple & Ilfracombe railway #2

    Hyde Park Now-The Barnstaple & Ilfracombe railway #2

    This week is the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Barnstaple to Ilfracombe Railway. This opened on 20 July 1874 and shut for good from 5th October 1970 – the last train was actually two days earlier on the 3rd October – an eight car DMU forming the 19.55pm from Ilfracombe to Exeter carrying […]

  • The Romford to Upminster Line

    Hyde Park Now-The Romford to Upminster Line

    On 4th October 2020 the final Class 315 to be seen in London Overground colours on the Great Eastern main line (besides Liverpool Street to Bethnal Green) worked the branch between Romford and Upminster. The line had been a popular haunt for enthusiasts as it was one location where spotting a Class 315 could be […]