DSC 0807 1 - Welder on the Tube

Welder Dave’s message ‘Have a wonderful day.’

People have been thanking Dave the welder – but who is he? He’s one who wrote on a newly laid rail at Baker Street eastbound Jubilee Line platform ‘Have a wonderful day. Love welder Dave’ Its an unusual touch and there for everyone to see! Quite a few have commented on this rather touching initiative which can currently be seen at Baker Street.

The tracks were relaid during a couple of overnight possessions in early November 2019, and according to sources the message was written on the overnight possession during the 6th/7th November. At the time of writing just a short length of bull head track still remains at the far end of Baker Street’s eastbound platform. The newly laid track has the usual writing on it (the stuff that give track laying/maintenance staff specific instructions or the date the rail was installed and so on) but there’s one section where, besides the usual stuff, Dave the welder wrote his own greetings to the commuters who use the Jubilee Line daily!

DSC 0808 - Welder on the Tube

Angled view of Dave’s message along with some database stuff he has written on the left.

The track gang were all in likelihood contracted from Balfour Beatty. The company won an extension of its previous contract in undertaking track renewals for TfL, thus securing work for the next four years.

DSC 0788 - Welder on the Tube

The message can be seen at the western end of the eastbound platform, almost opposite the passageway leading to/from the southbound Bakerloo Line.

Its not just Baker Street for Dave’s handiwork can also be seen at King’s Cross! Here it says ‘Smile + stay beautiful.’

DSC 0019 - Welder on the Tube

Dave’s other handiwork can be seen on the westbound Circle/Hammersmith/Metropolitan at King’s Cross.

DSC 0021 - Welder on the Tube

Its at the eastern end of the westbound platform. The yellow mark at the side and the yellow track device identify the spot easily.

Here are some postings from Twitter showing people’s appreciation of welder Dave’s work:

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