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On District Dave’s forum last night it was announced one of London’s top railway biographers and researchers, Mike Horne, had passed away. His website and blog were an excellent source of material related to all things London, especially the underground.

It was said ‘so much knowledge had been lost.’

As one put it, Mike Horne had been ‘one of the foremost authorities on London Transport’ and even I have found his knowledge of great use when it has come to finding out things related to London’s transport system.

metadyne co uk - Mike Horne

Mike’s website – Metadyne. There’s concern this great archive of material which has been up and running since 2004 – will be lost.

Mike was a regular traveller on the Metropolitan Line – I often saw his tweets complaining about the current state of that – given that it had gone downhill since ATO was introduced last September. He clearly wasn’t impressed with the way things had gone in terms of the CBTC!

Mike had a great range of skills and he was also director of Fifth Dimension Associates. His list of business achievements and contacts – including a number linked to London’s underground – was extremely wide ranging. He wrote a large number of books on London’s transport too. Here’s a list of his published works on Wikipedia. He was on a par with Charles Lee and others who also had a series of books covering each of the different London underground lines.

I was intrigued Mike also wrote about the demise of the Trafalgar Square post office. I too was a regular user of this and took photographs of it in those last days – as well as the building’s architecture and its low relief sculptures with the intention of doing a post on it. Sadly I never got round to doing that!

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