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In the tradition in which I did the other long rail videos – done during the first corona lockdown of 2020 and created specially for those enforced situations where few of us could venture outside of home without any good reason – the coverage included many locations around the world as well as the UK. This time I have included some that feature London’s underground system. The original draft I have split into two parts because I find the old format of having very long posts on one single feature awkward especially when links and embedded images disappear – something I want to discuss in the next few paragraphs. Hope people find these videos interesting! By the way I have not included the DLR because one can normally get a driver’s eye from those trains (though not currently due to the social distancing rules.)

Now that matter I want to discuss. The first long rail video I did on the UK a lot of videos were deleted en masse, including those by Don Coffey (not only his, others too) and it is probably because Britain’s railways have too much of a super sensitive nature but that makes me angry because if there are railways people are invariably going to be interested in them. Lets face this – its not just passengers but also enthusiasts who put a lot of money into the railways. They’re going to be interested in all aspects of a working railway. Its a natural curiosity and its no surprise many want to become an ‘engine driver.’ But in fact Britain’s railways are enough of a nightmare already without peeps dictating further what can be seen and what can’t.

Clearly some managers (yes those people getting paid and happily in jobs – oh yes they need a pat on the back for not being unemployed or in an abject state of poverty…. and living off the country… like me) they saw my post and no doubt got annoyed people had even made any effort to create and upload these videos. Its not a five minute job if anyone wants to know. Its a lot of work and its actually very unfortunate the people who were creating the content were having their efforts chucked out of the window.

I did these compilations because I wanted to give people something of interest during the lockdowns (as I clearly mentioned in the first couple that I published) and this too is what Don Coffey has also found – as he said in a recent comment – that people had been saying these railway videos helped them through the lockdowns. Its somewhat reassuring to see that a handful of the videos Don Coffey was forced to take down have since been restored. Still not an ideal situation though…

Thats because in Europe, that very continent we want to be shot of (a la Brexit) they have loads and loads of drivers’ eye videos, many of their railways aren’t even fenced either (that’s another matter however its because they take a different approach and not the abject backwardness we have in the UK about any sort of train being near or on a street, a thoroughfare or public areas etc) and the Europeans have lots of railways that haven’t been closed on a massive scale either – nor have they rationalised their railways to such an extent that only the very basic passenger services can use these routes. No wonder some services get terribly overcrowded! Does Britain really want railways or not? That great country that invented railways??

I spent time compiling these videos and writing material and its not easy for me because of my disability. If any of these videos in future get deleted en masse I shall as a result delete the posts too and there will only be those videos featuring Europe and the rest of the world – and I shall explain in each of those remaining posts in big letters why that is. Britain is going backwards and its railway/tube/transport culture is too! The railway companies and TfL are no different as I have noted when it comes to staff discriminating against me despite the apparent notion of ‘equality’ and ‘disability access.’ Real progress in this country is anything but – and frequently its non existent. I have absolutely no time for backwardness, or retrograde ideas of any sort and that includes drivers eye videos being withdrawn just becos some rail bods don’t like these….

Its also why this feature on London’s tube has been held over since I finished it in the summer. It was about that time I discovered many had vanished from the earlier compilations on the UK and it was soon after that I discovered those forum threads discussing this matter and realising what was happening. I wasn’t certain I wanted to publish these more recent ones with the kind of culture that exists in Britain, but then I thought, its Xmas – and 2020 has been a bad enough year already – and to hell with those people who think railways shouldn’t be featured on You Tube!

Anyway… on with the show!

Bakerloo Line:

I would have liked to have shown something of the Bakerloo in terms of driver’s eye views before it was split off into what was essentially its original early 20th Century routeing when the Stanmore branch was given over to the Jubilee. Nevertheless there are Jubilee driver’s eye views in the later part of this feature – thus one can reasonably cover those former Bakerloo sections anyway.

Harrow & Wealdstone to Elephant & Castle 50m.

Lambeth North to Harrow & Wealdstone 48m.

Central Line:

London’s longest tube line ironically doesn’t have a video covering the full length of its longest route which is Epping to West Ruislip. I think its in part because of the amount of time taken to upload these videos and generally long rail videos featuring the UK are considerably shorter than their European counterparts anyway.

Loughton to West Ruislip 1hr 16m.

The next – the Woodford to Hainault shuttle this one shows the rarely used move from platform two at Woodford across to the northbound line.

Woodford to Hainault 9m.

I remember the Hainault shuttle when it was operated by the newly introduced 1967 tube stock in automated mode this would have been around 1966 – as I made a special trip as a kid to see these trains in action and ride on them. By that time I had travelled most of the Central Line except Buckhurst Hill to Epping/West Ruislip branch – in fact in those days I used most of the Hainault to Ealing route to travel to school.

Anyway, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for! Epping to Ongar and back all the way to Loughton! What’s special about this one is despite removal of the passing loop at North Weald, the station at Blake Hall is still open – and we can see how many passengers use this station. If the line (and the station) had still open it would no doubt have been Geoff Marshall’s top rated video in terms of being the ultimate least used tube station of all!

Epping – Ongar – Loughton in 1980 40m.

The next video quite likely takes the record for the longest London Underground cab view at two hours and eighteen minutes. Its one take from a battery electric locomotive on an engineers working from Ruislip depot to Loughton. The trip doesn’t normally take that long on a passenger train however the section from Woodford north was under possession as one will see from the video. The video doesn’t mention it but clearly this was a cab view from a battery electric locomotive – someone can be seen walking around the outside of the cab – possible only with a battery electric locomotive – whilst the engineers train is at Buckhurst Hill.

Ruislip Loughton 2hr 18m.

Circle Line:

Now for some Circle Line videos…

Except there aren’t any! I wonder why that is…? Perhaps its part of a secret plot to get rid of it altogether and pretend it never existed?

One can cover almost the entire Circle Line by way of District, Hammersmith and Metropolitan videos (excepting as far as I know, the short section south of Aldgate consisting of a few yards of track – and High Street Kensington to Gloucester Road as the only sections exclusively used by the Circle Line.)

District Line:

The Ealing Broadway branch is not covered as far as I know. The Piccadilly Line Baron’s Court to Acton Town sections cover the District in lieu of its Ealing Broadway route anyway.

Richmond to Upminster 1 hour 10 mins.

Wimbledon to Tower Hill 41 minutes.

Entering Upminster depot 3m

Hammersmith & City:

This first one is an old Video 125 production. Its C stock though so has considerable interest and is of the line before it became known as the Hammersmith & City.

The next is Hammersmith to Barking with S stock. The Barking end of the line sees the train use the District Line’s platform two (because there’s a Hammermsith & City train in platform 3!) It could that this train is being stabled at Barking for the day or perhaps its going to Upminster depot.

Hammersmith to Barking 1 hour 1 minute.

The next video is for those who want things the other way round! The train starts from platform 6, having likely originated from Barking sidings.

Barking to Hammersmith 1hr 4m.

Jubilee Line:

Stanmore to Stratford 59 minutes

Stratford to Wembley Park 49m

Many of the Jubilee Line videos are similar thus two will suffice here! There’s no Charing Cross cab view coverage however I’ve included this interesting video which shows 59 tube stock working the Jubilee Line to Charing Cross in 1986!

A Stock & 59 Tube Stock on Metropolitan & Jubilee Lines in 1986 – 20m

Metropolitan Line:

No direct cab view from Aldgate to Amersham thus its a bit of the Moor Park and Chesham segments in order to cover that. The Watford section comes courtesy of Geoff Marshall…

Aldgate to Uxbridge 55m.

Aldgate to Moor Park 48 minutes.

Finchley Road to Chesham 47 minutes.


Watford to Harrow on the Hill 17m

Continued in Part Two

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