The ‘Sixty years since the last train to Cwm Prysor’ post was the 1000th post on Hyde Park Now! Previously I had celebrated the fifth anniversary of the blog back in May 2017. We’re four years on from that thus 2021 is the blog’s ninth year! In May 2017 I explained the origins of the blog – it wasn’t planned but an exercise for part of a diploma at college I was doing. Which of course means one can still see the academic input for that diploma because many pages from 2012 onward are available to read. However there were many more posts as we will see later which I excluded from the blog. Anyway the blog’s 500th post was about the Wandsworth canal & rail remains on 21 February 2018. That post was prompted by the fact a thread was then current on discussing the remains of the Wandsworth (or McMurrays) canal. Although the photographs used on that thread are no longer available I archived it and in fact provided a PDF of the discussion complete with photographs!

The Wandsworth canal post which was Hyde Park Now’s 500th.

As a mater of fact the blog could now be on perhaps its 1150th post! Its the fact quite a few posts that I considered somehow irrelevant were excluded. These included a number of fashion reports and art gallery visits (done as part of the diploma course) and other stuff such a report on the Vauxhall helicopter disaster. Some of the stuff that was never included on the current blog is shown here for the first time including some of my portraiture and fashion work which has been sourced from my old college blog.

Photomontage of some of my London Fashion Week photos – February 2013.

Supermodel Jordan Dunn when she was still relatively unknown. 2013.

Jordan Dunn. 2014.

London Fashion Week February 2014.

It was about this time I began some of the more general/historical blog posts. Those features on Selfridges was one of the first. First one here and second one here – done within a few days of each other! It was these that would form the general direction of the blog from this point onward, and that helped to sustain the blog’s momentum.

Flat pack store built for ITV’s popular Mr Selfridge – A post on the popular Mr Selfridge TV series!

Although I compiled a report on the Vauxhall Helicopter crash in January 2013 – and it was published on my college blog the day after the accident had happened, this post was never considered for inclusion on Hyde Park Now. These images are from my old college blog.

It was a beautiful day but that belied the fact a helicopter had crashed and caused chaos and damage in the streets around the railway station. January 2013.

TV crews interviewing witnesses about the helicopter crash. January 2013.

The damaged crane at the top of St George’s Tower. The helicopter crashed into this in thick fog and fell down into the street hundreds of feet below.

This post on artist Hong Sunchul was published in October 2012 and was actually the first blog post I did for what would become 1LondonBlog (and later Hyde Park Now. It wasn’t included in 1LondonBlog/Hyde Park Now as I didn’t think it was relevant material.)

The first published post however was one I brought over from a college blog I had compiled to show my completed work so far online (as that was one of the exercises our tutors were giving us to do.) In fact the earlier posts featured on this blog are a mix of what were straightforward blog posts as well as some exercises I did for the course.

It was not until I started doing stuff such as that on Selfridges etc that the general course of the blog itself became more defined. In due course the fashion photography work was dropped completely.

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