Kings Cross power signalbox closes

kxpsbcloses 1 - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

Early this morning the very last train was signalled out of Kings Cross under the current arrangement that had existed since the time the station area and throat were remodelled in the 1970s. With this step forward in the East Coast Upgrade the station will open with a completely new look from Monday 26th April 2021 to the station’s east side of rail operations – whilst the west side of the station in turn gets closed and work begins to modify the layout and install new signals and infrastructure. The station will in future be controlled from York ROC, although the line will be controlled as far as Peterborough for the moment – where its power signal box retains line control northwards until the envisaged 2024 handover date when that control is too taken over by York ROC.

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The last train ever and also the final one from platform 10, was the 01.40am to Welwyn. This platform will be no more under the new arrangements. Source: Twitter

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The 01.40am to Welwyn seen with workmen on the eastern platforms which will reopen next week whilst the western half of the station closes in readiness for remodelling including a reduction in platform numbers, however the remaining ones will be made longer to match those on the east side. Source: Twitter

Here’s a quick look back at the power signal box’s history…

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The King’s Cross power signal box in its early days when even the widened lines and York Road station were still in use! The box opened on 26 September 1971 and York Road station closed in November 1976. Source: Twitter

EzmKy eXsAEl2CJ?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

General view inside the new power signal box in the 1970s. Source: Twitter

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The power signal box in 2006 after its new extension and upgrade had been opened. This was to enable both Network Rail and Thameslink’s operators to be in the same control room.) Source: Network Rail

EPJyHAqX0AcEIwF?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

How the King’s Cross track layout was before the upgrade began – with just two tunnels in use. Source: Twitter

EPJyHApWoAA3MqE?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

How the King’s Cross track layout will look the upgrade is completed – three tunnels in use to increase capacity on the approaches to the station. Source: Twitter

Exo3PTgXMAUYCxi?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

Great view of the King’s Cross #EastCoastUpgrade site! The power signalbox can be easily seen, its 2006 extension quite prominent. The new Google headquarters (at right) looks much bigger than the station itself! Source: Twitter

Ex9qfHjW8AEvvqo?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

The first of the new signals to be installed in early April 2021. This is YA1001 which will be at the end of platform 1. A good view of the power signal box in the background with its 2006 extension on the side clearly seen. Source: Twitter

Ezhpir2XIAMTvcW?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

One of the many new signals being installed at King’s Cross which will be controlled from York. The power signal box is in the background and a train is seen at right on the remaining operational lines at this time The date of the tweet is 21 April 2021 however the works were done several days before as evidenced by the picture below. Source: Twitter

EzWrbAhVUA4yItX?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

The signals completed (and wrapped up until they are needed.) This is the 19th April 2021 apparently. Source: Twitter

Ey9owTjWYAMiiLI?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

If those two earlier pictures do not satisfy one’s thirst for the latest railway signals on offer, how about this one eh? These are Dorman Non Standard Route Indicators, or rather what’s known as a ‘Miniature Tunnel Signal with Proceed on Sight Authority (PoSA) Aspect.’ (see Dorman’s website.) This is sited in the Gasworks middle (or No.1) tunnel. There are other variations of this type of signal too, for example YA1045 in the eastern Gasworks tunnel. Picture source: Twitter

EzmHxdsWUAEmHwM?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

Nice view of the power signal box in its final week. Note the panel and how half of King’s Cross station is already gone. Just platforms seven to eleven are still signalled. The others will be controlled from York instead and these platforms here will follow in due course. Source Twitter

Ezmfp2DXEAkadRO?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

The lights die down on York Way….! The partially dimmed control room on its final day. Much stuff has already been removed. Source: Twitter

EzofUJIXEAACJdX?format=jpg&name=medium - Kings Cross power signalbox closes

The power singal box is switched out – with an electronic ‘So long, goodbye’ message on the display! Source: Twitter

A selection of the other images and their tweets – just for prosperity’s sake! We start with this short video of the last train being signalled from the now decommissioned platform 10…

Update 24th April 2021:

Wikipedia on York ROC.

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