District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

DSC 0938 1 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Today the next stage of the sub surface upgrade programme began. This was the District & Circle Lines combined section from Tower Hill to Sloane Square. Apparently things were going so well they decided to implement a soft introduction of services (with a view to full implementation of the normal timetable from Monday 26th April. This is quite unprecedented because so far its invariably been a Sunday afternoon when any sort of public services began. Its the first time they’ve publicly introduced CBTC on a Saturday!

Trains began at 13.15 pm today and although there is a full service running in fact (I think its a slightly slimmed down Saturday service) however unlike the previous stage of the CBTC (no support staff were provided for the roll out of that section – this is as far as I could see – there were no staff contrary to what some have said.) This one (as I observed) did have staff on hand at Sloane Square for eastbound trains in case their drivers struggled to get their trains into CBTC mode. Thus it was somewhat unusual that it was a day’s early roll out – but because they did that its probably why back up support staff were provided as extra insurance. The interesting thing about this was no staff were provided for the first part of the District Line CBTC between Stepney Green and Monument, yet for this second iteration support staff were provided at Sloane Square. Indeed it seems they were not too sure about rolling it out live on a Saturday! (BTW this is just an observation, not a fact I have specified as some think…)

A lot of the signals on this section are quite well hidden (they’re beyond the easily viewable passenger areas of the platforms) and yes previously these signals could be seen in the darkness beyond the platforms but now these had been covered in black plastic wrap, it was hard to even see any of these (with some exceptions) thus it was only when a S7 shone these up in its headlights that I could take photographs of these. Like all other CBTC introductions, the opening of the doors seemed to take a little while to achieve. However unlike the other stages in the scheme, this particular one the trains seemed to be quite spot on, there was no hesitation in drawing up along the platforms or anything of the sort.

I begin with Tower Hill as that wasn’t covered in my earlier post covering the CBTC for 7th March 2021.

DSC 0002 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

The end of the bay platform at Tower Hill. Its been said on forums the new points east of here had been disconnected but its clear they havent. The writing on the wrapped sign behind all these others says ‘Do not unbag – contact base…’

DSC 0006 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

The eastbound signals have been bagged of course since 7th March 2021. The rail gap indicator is like others, the traditional style of indicator – like that at Liverpool Street it has been retained contrary to expectations a new type of indicator would be provided.

DSC 0012 1 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

The westbound starter signal for the bay is clearly seen bagged at the bottom of this picture. The ‘H’ sign is of course CBTC.

DSC 0015 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

The westbound main at Tower Hill has been bagged too since March 7th 2021.

DSC 0023 1 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Monument’s westbound repeater got bagged today (24th April 2021.)

DSC 0994 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Monument’s eastbound repeater also got bagged today! (Saturday 24 April.)

DSC 0979 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Canon Street’s westbound between the tracks bagged. (Viewed from eastbound platform.) Note also the train stop, now permanently deflated….

(If you dont know what I mean by this, the train stops are air operated. They’re not now!)

DSC 0034 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Embankment eastbound (also station starter seen just inside the tunnel mouth.) Note the train stop too which is now permanently deflated (Or as I say the air pressure has been ceased on these – and that is why its down.)

DSC 0039 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Embankment’s westbound repeater (and reversal for the crossover) get the wraps. No more colour light signals!

DSC 0925 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

St. James’s Park westbound repeater is bagged and has an ‘X’ put on it like all the others.

DSC 0918 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

St. James’s Park westbound station starter is some way down the unused part of the platform. Same modus – bagged and crossed for prosperity’s sake!

DSC 0927 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Victoria too! CBTC introduced here means the station’s tube lines are now fully automated. Only a handful of other core tube stations with intersecting tube lines have this status such as Euston, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Monument (the DLR is automated too and its part of the Monument/Bank interchange), London Bridge, Tottenham Court Road etc.

(As for some criticism, I would like to point out that I do know the other tube lines, the Victoria, for example isnt CBTC of course. But what I mean is these lines at these points are all automated regardless of the system they use, not that they are all CBTC – because they aren’t.

DSC 0933 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Victoria’s station starter beyond the platform itself. Bagged the same as everywhere else! I’m sure some passengers will wonder what these many crossed signs actually mean. They didnt do it on the Northern Line for example, but now its a done thing. It looks tidy but also gives these bagged specimens a somewhat mysterious aspect (pardon the pun!)

DSC 0952 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

Sloane Square’s starter is now the first proper signal westbound and traditional tube train driving begins here. The signal is seen here at green. There’s a repeater at the end of the platform – this can be seen in the main image at the top of this page.

DSC 0047 1 1024x682 - District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

One of the LUL staff on standby at Sloane Square eastbound platform in case anything goes wrong with the CBTC’s introduction or a train refuses to engage CBTC or whatever.

Update 2.00am 25th April 2021 – some tweets that show unbagged signals (inc Embankment I showed as bagged.)

Note: I had planned to do a quick post and introduction to the new section like I had in the past. This one caught me unawares so I went out mid pm to cover it and had hoped to finish a post by the evening – had only just begun when a TfL worker choose to challenge me and did not even heed the fact I was disabled he didn’t even take his mask off though and kept challenging me and there was just no way I could reply to him. I even have a letter from TfL that I carry around. I had to go out again later and try and start it again which means this post will be late. Therefore I’ve just decided to keep it to a minimum text wise because that takes me many hours to do. It was in fact a record hour and three quarters for me to do it – preparing pics, doing the text then publishing. Usually it takes me hours, days to do a post.

The said TfL worker will probably feature in a video compilation of rail staff that have tried to discriminate against me! Unless of course people start to respect me for my disability and then that wont happen. TfL says it has awareness training but clearly it doesn’t work and I have made approaches to TfL on these matters but clearly its not improving. I mean I want to be able to do interesting stuff not be discriminated against just because I cant communicate with others. It is very depressing to have to encounter this shit on a continual basis.

**I also note that a couple of people have tried to castigate me (by way of comments) for doing this post by saying a lot of things were wrong. I’ve made so very little reference to actual facts because I did this post very quickly, not because I wanted to do a record or anything but you wouldn’t understand anyway. (It was that I was trying to make up for having been discriminated against…) As for the train stops I used the word ‘deflated’ because these are after all air operated. It was meant to be some light humour but in view of my disability I suppose you thought it was some naff and very bad research I had done, so thank you for that huge positivity! And please, if you do not understand me or my disability or the fact English isn’t my first language, or that many people have huge communication problems with me and these sort of actions against me are tantamount to very bad oppression, then please just go away! I mean you wouldn’t want people attacking you all the time because of communication problems and not wanting to understand you or what you are trying to say or explain would you?

5 thoughts on “District & Circle CBTC to Sloane Square begins

  1. A poorly written account several mistakes although the photos are good so well done there. Please if you are going to write something reseach is a must.

    1. Did you not read the text at the end about this? Should I elaborate further? Or maybe you should write the text seeing you’d know what to say and make the post interesting. It usually takes me hours to think and ponder what to write because English isn’t my first language. This was written very quickly because I wanted it published the same day and because of the fraction I had earlier I was left with just a couple of hours to do it so I tried to do it the best I could to the best of my ability. You weren’t brought up (presumably) to learn language artificially and to be castigated for your failures because you couldn’t write or spell properly etc.
      But no worries, you’re not going to understand that and neither is no-one else. When I write I have to really think. And its very slow. And my language as taught is very constructed and very bland, very little of interest. I don’t even have any idea how to write stories, relate tales that sort of thing. You might not believe it but its true. I tried here to write something that I could do in a very short time in spite of the problems I had (thanks to a certain person.) And that was to prove something, that I could do it under the pressure and circumstances. I thought it would help to be able to write something almost instantly. I suppose if someone who couldn’t walk properly tries walking properly and they walk very awkwardly, you’d bash them for it. Well that’s discrimination. But again its not that you or the others would know.
      As I say, you can write the text for me and show me how this should be written very fast, in say half an hour or thereabouts like I tried to do.
      Photographs not usually a problem because at least I can take those, its visual and I haven’t got to use language of any sort.

      1. I was not aware that English was not your first language but there are people who do blogs just like that and they produce a first class blog. As they say a photo is worth a thousand words but you let that slip the net. As I said research is the key there are plenty of sites and a lot with more detailed descriptions of the new systems so you would be able to give more had you wished to. If you have problems with staff you can always report those persons.
        You mention that me and others don’t understand well educate us then and I’m sure you will get on much better other than having someone pick your blog and just exchanging words we are all equal no matter what some think.

  2. Interesting post and intriguing detail shots. I liked the use of the word “deflated” – it conjures up a slightly lonely train stop that’s reached retirement. I used to live near one of the Underground’s terminuses and loved hearing the points changing with that rush of air. I’m sorry to hear that member of staff was rubbish.

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