Paddington’s Elizabeth Line station appears

DSC 8331bw 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

For the first time the Elizabeth Line station at Paddington can be seen. Not the bits at street level I’ve discussed this past few weeks but rather part of the actual station itself! As a bonus one can now stand under ‘The Cloud’ – the artwork commissioned to grace the new station’s overall roof. I’ve always suspected this art to be somewhat nefarious, having had the opportunity to inspect it on quite a number of occasions before Crossrail really pushed the hoardings out and prevented anyone seeing it properly. Now that one can actually stand underneath it, guess what? Its as shitty as I had thought it was! Crossrail think its good because when one is coming up the escalators there’s this artwork and clouds behind it in the sky above – the effect is said to be ‘very good.’ I cant wait to see that!

DSC 8306 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

The ‘purple Paddington’ can now be seen in a greater close up view.

What’s been happening in the week since I posted my previous article on Paddington Crossrail? Well not a lot really however the fact they’ve now moved the hoardings and wire fencing right back means one can now walk under the esteemed canopy itself. There are further seats too along this section. One can almost reach out to the lifts that will descend from the Eastbourne Terrace level down to the Departures Road level (and eventually down to the Elizabeth Line itself.)

DSC 8305 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

The glass roof with its ‘clouds’ can now be walked under. As someone said, ‘it looks like giant seagulls have done their worst.’

DSC 8319 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

As well as being able to walk under the new cloud based canopy, one can look through the fencing and see the upper parts of the new Elizabeth Line station!

In this latest instance is the fencing has been moved far enough back from the roadway that one can now look down into the upper part of the Elizabeth Line station. The escalators can be observed descending into the Elizabeth Line station and the large concrete supporting beams that cross this huge chasm can too be seen. One can practically see halfway down towards the new Elizabeth Line station. The photographs I took will no doubt give others an idea of what can currently be seen.

DSC 8310 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

One can now see right into the upper part of the Elizabeth Line atrium! Once the fencing along here is removed one will be able to see right through the glass partition into the ticket hall itself!

Eu1jzELWQAEvdfJ?format=jpg&name=medium - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

This Crossrail pic shows how the ticket hall/barriers look. What’s more its largely underneath Eastbourne Terrace itself! From the terrace one can currently see most of the wall on the right. Source: Twitter

DSC 8327 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

The usual Legible London Street Totems will be standard fayre at the new station too!

DSC 8333 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

The new Elizabeth Line station is slowly unravelling. Much of the area between the Horse Arch and the new station entrance has been cleared. Seats have also been installed alongside the Elizabeth Line station perimeter as can be seen in the picture above. Its possible there are plans to open up this pedestrian area fairly soon.

DSC 8314 1 - Paddington's Elizabeth Line station appears

In my previous post I showed pictures of Crossrail’s disappearing portacabins on Chilworth Street. They’ve all gone now!

If anything else happens soon I’ll try and write about it!

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