Paddington Elizabeth Line lit up

Here are some views of the new Crossrail/Elizabeth Line station at Paddington all lit up. It looks quite nice!

These pictures were taken just after 9pm at night. I increased the light input to bring out the details better, however it was actually much darker than depicted on these images.

BTW this is merely a pictorial post no waffle. No sort of stuff such as extolling people to buy washing up liquid, take a holiday on Mars, or be coerced into several months hard labour…

Purple as purple can get. The CrossPurpEliz Line’s new symbol runs Paddington round in circles!

The new Elizabeth Line entrances as viewed from the Horse Arch route into Paddington station.

The other Departures Road archway that leads into Paddington station. This is a new one, converted from former offices and cafes (one of which used to be Costa Coffee.) This third entrance to the main line station will complement both the Clock Arch and the Horse Arch.

The Elizabeth Line entrances have been arranged so they are directly opposite this new one and the Clock Arch entrances. Similarly the new steps up from the Departures Road level to Eastbourne terrace are also aligned with these entrances. A point of interest is the patterns seen on the wall are based upon the iron work Brunel built into the train sheds in the main line station itself.

View of the southern escalator bank leading to the new Elizabeth Line station. The new pedestrian entrance to the main line station can be seen at top right.

The northern bank of escalators with the Clock Arch visible.

One now has a new perspective from which to gawp at people taking selfies with the famous Paddington bear statue!

View of Paddington Bear with the new Crossrail station in the background. It and the Elizabeth Line will make a good team!

The northern entrance to the Elizabeth Line station with the Clock Arch in the background.

In my previous post I mentioned people could now walk under the new station’s overall roof (or canopy) with its cloud based artwork. Its given people an opportunity to see down into the new Elizabeth Line station. Not only that there’s also interesting furniture up on street level like these stone seats.

Some of the stone seats also have lights which highlight their nice clean design.

The little steel discs on the sides of these seats shows the product is made in Italy. Clearly these seats are assembled and these discs cover the internal bolts that hold the whole thing together.

Even the new bike racks have uplighters! A good opportunity to inspect the chain and derailleur gear on one’s bike and make sure everything’s in order!

And the trees too! Uplifted by means of uplighters! Not seen the underside of a tree lit before? Well you have now!

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