A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #3

Tuesday 21st September 2021.

Those who have been to the new tube station at Battersea Power Station cannot have missed the landscaped areas outside the station itself. Its understood this landscaped area will grow in size once the surrounding development gets completed. Its a work that wasn’t undertaken by TfL but rather by the Battersea Power Station developers. The work was a collaboration between LDA Design (who drew up the concept for the landscaping), Kinley Systems (who provided the planters and decking), Van de Berk (who provided the trees etc), and Elite Landscapes (who were responsible for the other elements of the landscaping such as the plants.)

Architects image showing how the station will look in a few years time. One can see there will be more direct access to the iconic power station. Source: Architects Journal.

Its certainly an unusual work because its rare for any landscaping to be produced for a tube station forecourt, and this latest probably stands out the most! The fact it has ‘Battersea Power Station’ isn’t really to denote the tube station (although it does add that element too) but rather to indicate that this (at some stage in the future) will be the main entrance from the south side (eg Nine Elms Lane) to the power station area itself. What that means is there will be a long boulevard stretching north from the tube station towards the power station itself. In short, the station site wont look anything like it does now!

Here’s a few of my shots showing the new landscaped area – and that big tube roundel!

The exterior of the new station showing the seats which quite a few have complemented upon. They’re stylish and fit the scene quite well!

The immediate station forecourt which has steps that make for seating from where one can simply sit and enjoy the station’s passengers come and go. The taxi is a pop up coffee bar which was present on the Monday and the Tuesday, then didn’t return until the weekend.

I expect many will have seen a picture of this before, but nevertheless its the new super sized roundel next to the station forecourt. Albeit its temporary and will disappear once the hoardings come down in about a year or two’s time.

The huge ‘Battersea Power Station’ words which runs parallel to Battersea Park Road. As discussed earlier this does not denote the station but rather the power station development site.

Some more pictures around and about the new extension, these were taken by me on Tuesday 21st September…

Goodness knows what this guy at Kennington was doing! I spotted this scene en route to Battersea Power Station! Maybe its some sort of eye level project hmm?

Gawd no! Despite warnings that people should not use the end car doors to transit between carriages in motion, this TfL driver was spotted breaking that rule as we passed through the step plate junction where the Northern Line Extension turns off from the Kennington Loop towards Battersea.

Lots of people throughout those first few days were having their photographs taken by the new station’s roundels whether it was friends, mums, dads or their children. Sometimes it was a selfie because one was merely on their own. But having another person made the compositions far better – because when one takes a selfie, its evident its that type of picture! Having one’s photograph taken by others gives the composition a more natural setting compared to a selfie – although I’ll concede that selfies are fun too! Anyhow everyone seemed to be having great fun and the TfL staff in the background clearly thought that too!

Guy photographing (maybe filming) his downward escalator journey at Battersea Power Station.

Guy admires the large roundel while his wife/partner glances at a guy taking selfies at the tube station entrance. (Yes I did a bit of what could be termed sloppy ‘photoshopping.’ Part of the guy was not in focus but it was hard to make it look better!)

The station’s first ever busker does a selfie before her afternoon session on the station forecourt.

Out in the bright sunlight a guy takes a picture of the new tube station entrance.

So that’s where them escalators go! Guy looking down the escalators to the new ticket hall.

Guy looks at me. Oops did I do something wrong? I thought he made a nice subject for a street portrait!

By Tuesday it was evident the new tube extension was a huge draw for owners and their dogs. The number of dogs travelling on the new line is far in excess of levels anywhere else on the entire tube system. This was at Nine Elms.

Compared to Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms has a much more substantial waiting area with a good number of seats provided. Its probably because a tube train would provide the waiting facilities while stood between journeys at BPS. At Nine Elms however these facilities are essential for those waiting for a tube train to arrive.

Guy photographs the station’s decorative enamel fascias whilst the kid waits to film the tube train that’s about to leave the station.

Next: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd September 2021.

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