Month: October 2021

  • Pilatus posters

    Hyde Park Now-Pilatus posters

    No not the highly praised small aircraft but the mountain instead! The vast range of Swiss transport posters is immensely fascinating. They’re no doubt meant to entice visitors to the Alps but they too are a class in their own right in terms of transport history, for they tell us much about the many different […]

  • Harvey becomes Lumo train’s ambassador!

    Hyde Park Now-Harvey becomes Lumo train's ambassador!

    The LUMO train, which will travel between London and Edinburgh, has appointed Harvey Price as a diversity and inclusion ambassador. The position will serve to promote a greater understanding of the issues of rail travel for individuals with disabilities, as well as working with Lumo to build awareness of the new service and encourage genuine […]

  • Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved…

    Hyde Park Now-Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved...

    The Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead (aka the Hampstead Tube) station building on the corner of Drummond and Melton Street will not be demolished, but rather relocated, according to what I gather (if it isn’t just a hearsay or something similar). The initial idea was to demolish it and replace it with a new head […]

  • The Southwold Railway #3

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway #3

    Forty years of dereliction and decay: After closure the line remained derelict for the next twenty years or so. There were moves to reopen it, none of which came to fruition. Most of the route’s track remained until the early forties. The army blew up part of the Blyth bridge thus the line was severed […]