A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

IMG 20210923 191238 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

A bonus post! Well not actually! Unknown to me, the Northern Line to Battersea Power Station was shut most of the morning on the Thursday due to flooding at Kennington. The reason for closing the new extension as because its power comes from Embankment thus instead of it being able to provide a shuttle service as would have been the case, it had to be shut down completely south of Charing Cross. Thus this was the first major incident affecting the line after three full days of operation. It didn’t take long did it? Even though the whole route was reopened problems continued throughout the day.

I visited BPS in the evening and experienced a bunching of trains on my way south but it wasn’t too bad. On the return our train however non stopped Kennington and engineers could be seen in the switch room at the northern end of Kennington (Charing X) platform. Clearly after the rush hour had finished a decision was taken to close the station in order to fully investigate the problems (possibly also to clear up any damage or any water that was still present.)

I didn’t take that many pictures on the Wednesday or the Thursday, as I was there only briefly – thus those few photos means this post covers both the 22nd and the 23rd September 2021.

IMG 7742 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

As my picture from the Wednesday shows, at times the vast station’s hall was devoid of any people. A smaller station this wouldn’t have been that noticed but a vast station such as this, well it is very noticeable!

IMG 7764 1024x576 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

Contrasts between a round and a pointy object! This I took on the Wednesday shows the station’s roof and the totem roundel sign.

As mentioned earlier, Thursday was the first day the new line saw serious delays to its services, with no trains for at least four hours according to some reports.

20210923 182848 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

En route to Battersea Power Station I encountered problems at Waterloo when there were obvious delays to the services. The fact the indicator said ‘good service’ made no sense!

DSC 0965 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

I didnt see many photo opportunities really on either day, apart from this! The couple were the same I saw earlier at Waterloo!

DSC 0978 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

And perhaps this photo. Not really anything special however I shot it with a 300m lens from the other end of the platform at Battersea Power Station!

DSC 0014 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

At one point I noticed LUL engineers or others had conducted an inspection of the PED runners above the platforms and inadvertently left one of the access hatches open! What this shows is despite the new extension not having Platform Edge Doors, it appears provision has been made for this including fittings and equipment for operating the doors!

DSC 0032 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

There was a nice sunset as the main picture shows. Here’s Battersea Power Station’s roundel set against the red sky!

On the way home our train from Battersea Power Station didn’t stop at Kennington. As we passed through the closed platforms engineers could be seen about the interlocking/relay room at the northern end of the platform clearly they were trying to resolve the issues that had caused a complete closure of the line that morning (as well as cause delays to the Northern Line throughout the day.)

At Waterloo it was clear there was chaos because people were having to detrain from those services intended for Kennington only. The only way to get to stations south of Kennington was to take the Bakerloo to the Elephant and then south from there. It caused problems for the train staff because the signing on point at Kennington had to be moved to Waterloo temporarily. Those heading for Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station were fortunate their trains could complete their journeys by skipping the Kennington stop.

IMG 20210923 195122a - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

Tube staff in a pickle over the rosters at Waterloo as the supervisor tries to sort their allocated duties.

IMG 20210923 195122b - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

The platforms at Waterloo were quite packed with people detraining and taking other routes eg via Elephant. Those seen here were fortunately lucky because they could get through to Battersea Power Station.

IMG 20210923 195122a 1 - A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #4

These two train staff just have to wait for their duties. The supervisor has gone somewhere else (possibly to the northbound platform as the drivers too switch on northbound services from BPS, which means the duties to and from BPS are sort of self enclosed at the moment and not linked to full duties along the Northern Line to each of its three northern termini.

Next: Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September 2021.

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