A Week in the Life of a New Tube Station #5

Did you know that the new Battersea Power tube station will be significantly larger in a few years? What is visible now is only the beginning. There will be a second entrance to the station, which will include a lift and escalators, located farther along Battersea Park Road. So far, there’s been very little trace of this second entry; the lift and escalators haven’t even been erected because that part of the site is still under development, and the new station areas can’t begin until that is completely complete. We probably only see around two-thirds of the new tube station and there’s still another third yet to be constructed!

The plans are not fully completed yet however this drawing gives some idea of the scale of the new tube station once it is finished. Source: Architects Journal.

The new western entrance will be at the lower levels of the currently unfinished structure, sited alongside the railway line that forms the western perimeter of the whole development. What it means is there’ll be a more convenient, shorter access path to places like the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. The new tube entrance will also connect to the opulently, yet unbuilt, named Electric Boulevard – which will be a popular strolling route leading towards the power station itself. The eastern gate will provide a more landscaped approach to the power station, whilst the western entry will provide the shops and other commercial outlets.

The next picture I didn’t take but it was supplied by tube staff at Battersea Power Station! Its their Quote of the Day for Friday 24th September.

Its many thanks to Michael at Battersea Power Station tube for allowing me to use this picture.

Next – a gallery of my pictures covering the new tube extension on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September 2021.

A vey clear phenomenon occurs at Battersea Power Station. A train arrives and there’s a huge flow of passengers for a brief few moments The station then becomes largely deserted until the next train. Sometimes its been so empty it seems creepy!

Arrivals at the new tube station peruse the map for directions to the power station. Friday was a considerably quiet day. The weekend would be different – largely because the power station would be hosting a festival to celebrate the opening of the new tube line.

But first, the station’s Quote of the Day for Saturday 25th – and this time its my own photograph!

Happy Weekend from Battersea Power Station!

The two new tube stations and the trains themselves were considerably busy throughout the weekend because of the street party being held by the Battersea Power Station developers.

See what I mean! Busy! Busy!

Up on the station forecourt there was a fair number of things happening. Here for example we see this lady doing some sole searching while her partner buys some ices!

There’s a busker – and then this guy who thinks its his turn to enter stage left! I couldn’t decide whether that was on or not!

Some people have all the licks in the world!

More licks on the way – and another happy customer no doubt!

Next: Sunday 27th September 2021.

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