IMG 20211208 142233 - Canary Wharf's purple roundels!

You might not know it but Canary Wharf now has Elizabeth Line purple roundels for the first time, and what’s more is there’s two of them! They were placed in position just a few days ago, and are some of the very rare examples of Elizabeth Line roundels shown in full regalia, rather than being wrapped in some plastic sheeting or black bin bag liner. In fact it follows the examples at both Custom House and Liverpool Street which show their roundels fully, not hide them away, unlike the rest of the others on the core section of Crossrail.

Brief video I did to show the new Canary Wharf Elizabeth Line roundels.

Some may point out Paddington too has its purple roundels fully on display. They do but these are not depicted as ‘Elizabeth Line’ ones but rather have the station name shown instead. Some say that is wrong because it will cause confusion. Many of the TfL stations now have purple roundels although these are either with the station names or simple show ‘TFL.’ Some like those at Iver have temporary centre sections which I believe will be removed in due course to show Elizabeth Line. Other stations like Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street too have ‘Elizabeth Line’ as the title on the new roundels though these are presently covered up.

IMG 20211208 141914 1024x768 - Canary Wharf's purple roundels!

The new roundel with the Crossrail bridge behind and one of the many Xmas trees dotted about the estate..

I’m not sure of the consistency of these roundels or how the options are arrived at, whether its down to the local contractors for each station or some executive decisions that probably don’t know what the Elizabeth Line Idiom Standards are! For example it was originally decreed Paddington should have have a different scheme altogether yet its Whitechapel that has this instead. Moorgate was supposed to have purple roundels but has gone for red Underground roundels instead!

IMG 20211208 141342 1024x576 - Canary Wharf's purple roundels!

The other which stands on the edge of the North Dock (Poplar side) opposite the EL station.

Generally it seems an Elizabeth Line styled purple roundel should denote a station (or an entrance) that’s 100% Elizabeth Line. But its evidently not the case for Custom House has ‘Elizabeth Line’ roundels yet its a station shared between the DLR and the Elizabeth Line! The confusion means the DLR has to add its own large roundels too in order to assert its place. Similarly the eastern end of Farringdon has Elizabeth Line too but the new facility is also shared with Barbican station, so its not exactly right either although I don’t suppose anyone will notice the anomaly!

IMG 20211208 141224 - Canary Wharf's purple roundels!

Close up of the one on the Poplar side of the North Dock.

Canary Wharf has long been known for its display of Crossrail/Elizabeth Line signs, these were first put up in about 2017, but they’re the estate’s own signage, not the official signage (as can be seen in my brief video above.) Thus these two new purple roundels are the first ones ever to be seen at the Wharf.

IMG 20211208 141548 1024x768 - Canary Wharf's purple roundels!

The south side roundel can be seen to great effect from the upper floors of Crossrail Place, its almost like a halftone picture! These black dots are known as Frits and are designed to reduce glare from the sun.

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