01011206 - Northern Line closure #1

This is exciting! The Northern Line will be shut down! Actually this isn’t ‘managed decline’ but rather the substantial closure of the City branch between Moorgate and Kennington. It will begin on the 15th of January 2022 and last for about five months. May has been designated by TfL as the month the work will be completed and the public will be able to experience a new southbound Northern Line tube station and concourses. The current entrances, escalators, passageways will be accessible, from May but the entire project, including new escalator flights and a new ticket hall between Cannon & King William Streets, will not fully open until later in 2022.

IMG 20211229 152919 - Northern Line closure #1

The southbound platform at Bank station. It has just a week or so more of use before it is closed for good and is turned into a new concourse.

The project has been in the news for a long time, in fact it was early in 2021 when the long closure was first announced and the summer of 2021 when it was confirmed and full details published. That of course got quite a few people irate because they were adamant this work should have been done at the height of the COVID lockdown, rather than at a time when people would be wanting to go back to work. Some of the anger arose because people realised travelling anywhere south of Moorgate or north of Kennington would involve different travel routes, and sometimes perhaps awkward ones too. TfL insisted the work had to be done and it had prepared for the eventuality. One of the major assurances was a new bus route, the 733, would operate over much of the affected route Mondays to Fridays to help alleviate any potential problems that might arise.

IMG 20211229 152116 - Northern Line closure #1

Notice at Borough tube station detailing the Northern Line closure.

It was not until mid December 2021, a full month in advance when TfL began launching a new series of posters warning people of the closure and the alternative routes that could be taken. Each of these were tailored to the individual stations thus practically every station on the Northern Line received these yellow information panels, plus those stations on adjacent lines eg the Jubilee at London Bridge, Waterloo and Green Park, the Bakerloo at Elephant, Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross, but also at stations such as Victoria, King’s Cross, Euston, Moorgate, Monument, and so on.

Many of these posters warned passengers (customers) of the changes and the alternative routes that would be best taken instead. As mentioned, these have been tailored to each individual station and they come complete with a QR Code which anyone can scan in order to get further information and/or detailed maps etc. Thus a lot of different posters have been published, 52 or more variations for the Northern Line’s stations, plus perhaps 20 – 30 further variations for other stations in the affected areas.

DSC 6702 - Northern Line closure #1

Some of the first closure posters seen at Charing Cross 14th December 2021.

Soon after these yellow panels had been published and distributed, posters advertising the closure came next. The first examples to be seen were possibly those I spotted at Charing Cross on 14th December 2021. Other stations hadn’t had these so far but within a week or so practically every station in the core central area had received a set.

This week (the first of 2022) the first leaflets detailing the closure have made an appearance. The front cover of these is the same as the new posters. Same colours, same style etc. The feature image at the top of the page shows these. So far just a handful of stations have these but I’m sure many will sport examples over the next week or so. As I notice, these are not on TfL’s website (not as far as I can see) thus I thought I’d make this first post on the Northern Line closure one about these posters and leaflets!

01011202 - Northern Line closure #1

Map inside the new leaflet.

01011203 - Northern Line closure #1

Details of alternative routes.

01011204 - Northern Line closure #1

TfL’s explanations for the Bank upgrade with artists images of the completed work.

I don’t know how much I’ll do to cover this. Possibly this post and one on the actual closure itself. Perhaps also one on the various posters (as I’ve found a few gremlins!) I’m sure others will do a better job than me of detailing the Northern Line closure plus keeping information right up to date. I can only try but I know my English is so constructed and unnatural that I think some will find other sources would be preferred, which is why I’m only doing a small amount.

IMG 20211229 154008 - Northern Line closure #1

Here’s an interesting picture. Its of the entrance hall and the top of the escalators at the new Bank station. I thought I’d try my luck and see if I could capture anything interesting over the top of the fence! I was surprised!

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