Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

Azuma & HST Finale

Today’s special post is about the Azuma finale. But they’ve only just started! Sorry, you’re right. This post should be about the last HST’s out of Paddington apologies! Today is the big day when HST’s bow out of main GWR services, and practically all the day’s services have been and gone. So I missed everything lol! Not to worry I will possibly go back later and see what’s happening when the really big finale happens. Might even spot a rail celebrity or two 🙂

Okay so let’s have a look at whats been happening at Paddington. Today there were dozens of tweets and it was clear the station as a hive of activity with enthusiasts photographing the last normal services (eg non special, non compulsorily booked.)

When I arrived in the station itself I couldn’t see a single HST, so damn, I must have missed the lot! So here’s some nice Azuma pictures 🙂

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

Azuma line up at the Paddington buffers. So sorry to see these go 🙁

Look this isnt an Azuma finale its a HST finale. Azumas have only just begun service!

Yes you are right. That’s why everyone’s crazy about these, they went mad on the LNER the other day for these trains 🙂

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

Nice Azumas, pretty aren’t they?

We WANT HSTs! Not Azumas!

You what? Some people like Azumas. This guy for example!

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

Guy prepping his camera for a serious composition of a pair of Azumas.

Noooo! We want HST’s pleese!

You serious – you want one of those? Okay! Here were are…

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

A HST arriving at Paddington this afternoon!

No! That is NOT a HST! Its a Heathrow stopper!

But seriously I thought you wanted HST’s – Heathrow Stopping Trains?

No piccies of HST’s I’m afraid. As I said, I missed the damn lot… 🙁

Oh wait… when I arrived I quickly got off the bus and walked to Bishops bridge where one gets that fantastic view of the station. I looked over the wall and lots of people on the platform readying to take pictures of an Azuma no, really, it was a HST!

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

People on platform seven waiting for something special…

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

The HST! Yes that’s what they are waiting for 🙂

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

This was in fact the 13.30 for Bristol and a special train too because it was the final HST service for Bristol (as opposed to running through there for destinations further on.)

At the front was power car 43009 and the train was formed of the usual First Great Western standard livery carriages. Just a minute after I had arrived the train began to depart from Paddington, so I hurried across the bridge to photograph it departing from the station.

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

There we are! Our Bristol bound HST leaves for the final jaunt down the GWR main line on that particular service.

Hyde Park Now-Azuma & HST Finale

The big surprise for me was this! Power car 43185 on the rear of the Bristol train, in the lovely older style of HST livery which I like! That was a bonus!