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Introducing The New Tokaido Line #3

To begin with the new line was affectionately named Yume no Chōtokkyū - or the 'Super Dream Express.' The earlier and more popular name 'Bullet train' didn't gain world wide ...
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Young’s brewery canal

This is a follow up to the post I did the other day on Young's Ram brewery at Wandsworth. The reason this is being done is because I discovered some ...
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Young’s Brewery

This is an anniversary post! Its not any special one but rather its thirty years since I had a tour around the famous Ram Brewery at Wandsworth. I thought I'd ...
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Tinpot railways: The double deck conundrum

A few weeks back I had written most of a post - not yet quite finished called Britain's Tinpot Railways - about the huge disbenefits of Britain's railways and the ...
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Introducing The New Tokaido Line #2

This is the second part of the planning/construction of the Shinaksen. Its straight in to the history! The construction of the Shinkansen would require enormous investment, some thought it would ...
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Introducing the New Tokaido Line

During previous research on the Shinkansen, I found few construction pictures and it appeared there was little in the way of comprehensive information. Since then further new sources have since ...
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The Victoria Line at Green Park

Green Park tube station is unusual that it has had two lots of Royal openings! The first was for the Victoria Line in 1969 and the second almost exactly ten ...
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The worlds that we built

Nothing in our lives came about by chance - except the one single fact being almost each and everyone came about by conception. Even that could one day become a ...
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Ludgate: Requiem für eine Stadtbrücke

No this is not some weird 1972 film review. I am aware of a film that goes by a similar name but this is not that either! On the other ...
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Croydon Tramlink 20th Anniversary

Its 20 years since Croydon's new trams began service. These, known as Tramlink, began in May 2000. The anniversary is rather muted it seems, its possibly due to the covid ...
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Maida Vale Studios

The BBC's iconic studios in West London were given a Grade II Listed Building status on 5th May 2020 after much concern the historic site would be sold off and ...
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A mystery London scene!

Whilst undertaking research for the history of the Victoria Line, I happened to be viewing a film I have seen several times but for some reason had rather ignored the ...
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Construction Of Oxford Circus Station 1962-69 #2

This is an overview of the stations and route forming the third part of the Victoria Line in 1969. The stations were Oxford Circus, Green Park and Victoria. The problems ...
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London Underground's first 'ATO' system – 1932

The tube was the first passenger railway in the UK to adopt any form of automated train control or rather as it was known in those days, Centralised Train Control ...
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Long You Tube rail videos #1

With everyone having so much time on their hands due to the current enforced lockdown, I thought a guide to those long rail videos which can be found on You ...
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The East London Line: Ten years on…

The 10th anniversary of the East London Line is with us! Thirteen years ago the original East London Line line shut. In 2010 it re-emerged a new route as part ...
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That crazy Princes Risborough track layout!

The bizarre track layout at Princes Risborough! When you thought British Railways planning couldn't get any worse, here's a particular example of its backwards philosophy. Its not like Seaton Junction ...
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Along the Milwaukee Road #4

This is the fourth part of the Milwaukee’s electrified Rockies route through Montana towards Eastern Idaho. Many questioned the choice of route especially as it served few places and paralleled ...
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Along the Milwaukee Road #3

This is the third part of the Milwaukee's electrified Rockies route through Montana towards Eastern Idaho. The company's choice of route was questioned especially as it paralleled other railroads. These ...
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Along the Milwaukee Road #2

This is the second part of a look at whats left of the railroad's 440 mile route through the Rockies and covers the section from Butte to Missoula. The line ...
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Along the Milwaukee Road #1

A tour featuring some of the highlights of the 440 mile electrified length of the Milwaukee Road between Harlowton and Avery and showing what exists these days mostly using Google ...
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Electric Railroad through the Rockies

Forty years ago one of America's most iconic and controversial transcontinental lines closed down for good, having worked for just over seventy years. This was the only electric line that ...
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Whatever happened to Star Tram?

This is the one where streetcar enthusiasts get mighty disappointed its not a new tramway scheme of any sort! In fact Star Tram (sometimes called Space Tram) was a project ...
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The tube's highest stations & gradients

Dont we all love records! The biggest this the highest that! London Underground records are something we love! We know Amersham's right up there as the highest of all at ...
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Essay on the construction of violence

You've heard of the film Natural Born Killers. Natural? Are we naturally born to kill? Or are we socially constructed to kill? I think its the latter. And here's my ...
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Those train streets!

Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, India and other parts of the world all have one thing in common and that is their narrow gauge railways, but whats more is some of ...
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Yuval Harari on Human Reification

In writing a post on how humans perceive realities, I found this video from 2015 featuring Yuval Noah Harari of really great interest. Harari puts it so eloquently how humans ...
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Future transport society: The end of HS2?

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society - you've probably heard of or read this famous work. It was a thesis setting out the reasons why schools were not necessary - and ...
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Mike Horne

On District Dave's forum last night it was announced one of London's top railway biographers and researchers, Mike Horne, had passed away. His website and blog were an excellent source ...
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That streamlined tube train!

Yes! London Underground once had a streamlined tube train - although the speeds it would have been doing did nothing of any sort to smoothen the train's actual progress. Despite ...
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