gdpbbayfi 300x183 - Banksy's online stores

Banksy’s online stores

Some of you may well have seen my post on Banksy's pop up Croydon store - or perhaps more likely read of it in the news and social media. As ...
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crossrailshawfi 300x183 - Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

Something strange is happening! Crossrail has some new Elizabeth Line maps on its platforms - and these indicate a rather strange route that hasn't been envisaged before. This route is ...
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xrhs2planefi 300x183 - Stop Crossrail1/2 and HS2!

Stop Crossrail1/2 and HS2!

Airport expansion? Who needs airports? Those huge big things that demand huge swathes of land just to fly winged contraptions called aeroplanes. Crossrail and HS2, both advocates of reducing ecological ...
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IMG 0819fi 300x183 - An October rebellion #2

An October rebellion #2

I went about the various XR sites for a couple of hours and these are some of the pictures I took. It seemed that the police were by this time ...
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xrrbtextfi.jpg 300x183 - An October rebellion #1

An October rebellion #1

It all began with an opening ceremony at Marble Arch on the Sunday night which many hundreds attended. That was just the small start to a much bigger event. The ...
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metpolomfi 300x183 - The Met's Operation Midland

The Met’s Operation Midland

No doubt you have heard of this 'OM' - or Operation Midland - and how the police grovelled and tried to claim it was all in order. It too was ...
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DSC 0406fi 300x183 - Banksy's South London pop-up store

Banksy’s South London pop-up store

A new pop up shop has appeared in Croydon displaying some of Banksy's hurriedly created wares. Its not wholly some new artistic theme (like Dismaland) but rather it has arisen ...
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IMG 0220fi 300x183 - Euston HS2 #10

Euston HS2 #10

Being the one about Chris Packham and Stop HS2. (And some of my own views I have not previously written about....) Saturday 28 September 2019, a substantial demonstration was held ...
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mp190thfi 300x183 - The Met police: 190 years on....

The Met police: 190 years on….

Today is the 190th anniversary of the Metropolitan Police! Is it? Let's toot and parp and wave flags and release balloons and parade outside New Scotland Yard (practically the old ...
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lsshenelecfi 300x183 - Liverpool Street Shenfield anniversary

Liverpool Street Shenfield anniversary

Its seventy years since the Liverpool Street - Shenfield electrification first began. The scheme was officially opened on 20th September 1949 and cost £8 million. This scheme was tied in ...
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IMG 2461fi 300x183 - West India Dock Impounding Station

West India Dock Impounding Station

Does anyone ever wonder where all the docks around Canary Wharf get their water? The liquid stuff doesn't grow on trees like the money does lol! Seriously, there has always ...
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IMG 2190fi 300x183 - Bermondsey tube celebrates 20 years!

Bermondsey tube celebrates 20 years!

The Jubilee Line Stratford extension of 1999 was a mixed bag of openings, it wasn't exactly sequential, thus its probably a good reason why any celebrations for the new route ...
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ifsignfi 300x183 - If Sign Language was....

If Sign Language was….

A brilliant artwork that takes up the entire west side of Cubitt Square at King's Cross. Its a collaboration between artist Christine Sum Kim, Frank Barnes School and Argent the ...
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woodla02fi 300x183 - Central Line: beyond Caxton Road #2

Central Line: beyond Caxton Road #2

Remember the popular post Central Line: Beyond Caxton Road published more than two years ago? This is a follow up and its based around several old photographs of the area ...
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lumapfi 300x186 - An early 20th c. signal era ends #1

An early 20th c. signal era ends #1

The second stage of the Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) has been successfully implemented. Its a gradual introduction of the SLM's CTBC control system across the sub-surface lines as another four ...
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DSC 0460fi 300x183 - Another building in the fall

Another building in the fall

The twin Euston towers seen in rather better days.... We don't need no HS2. We don't need no new hotels. No stark destruction of cities. Developers leave the peoples alone ...
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DSC 0150fi 300x183 - Stages 1/2 CBTC up and running!

Stages 1/2 CBTC up and running!

The end of the through platforms at Baker Street showing the new CBTC signs. The colour light signals are all clearly wrapped up in black. This is just a quick ...
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DSC 7194fi 300x183 - 4LM in brief - 31 August 2019

4LM in brief – 31 August 2019

Trains in the section of tunnel between Edgware Road and Praed St junction last night. Pictures showing stuff on the four lines modernisation between the Paddington and Edgware Road sections ...
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DSC 6996 300x183 - The tube's 100 year old tradition ends!

The tube's 100 year old tradition ends!

The levers at Edgware Road box on their last night in use before CBTC comes into use. Many will know the Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) is currently underway despite delays ...
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IMG 1885fi 300x183 - Leaky problems at Baker Street #2

Leaky problems at Baker Street #2

Many thought the roadworks at Baker Street on 27th August badly timed and wondered what the hell it was this time Thames Water were trying to do. But many did ...
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IMG 2129fi 300x183 - Good Hemp's boats

Good Hemp's boats

Over three weekends in August 2019 some of the 'Go Boats' on London's canal system became Good Hemp Boats - and this is what this is all about! Over these ...
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IMG 1885fi 300x183 - Leaky problems at Baker Street

Leaky problems at Baker Street

For well over a week there has been a substantial water ingress at Baker Street on the original 1863 westbound platform. As of the last few days its got worse ...
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IMG 1669fi 300x183 - Thameslink does it again!

Thameslink does it again!

Thameslink train descending towards City station from Blackfriars about 16.50pm on the day in question. No sooner than the debacle had occurred of Thameslink's trains stalling and refusing to reboot ...
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IMG 1434fi 300x183 - Rosemary Branch N1

Rosemary Branch N1

A branch line in London N1 perhaps? Nope. Its a part of London that's been known by this name since the sixteenth century and also because of a well known ...
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IMG 6294fi 300x183 - Helch - An update

Helch – An update

The mysterious Helch continues to spread his word across London and the south of England. I did a small run on the trains/tube and found other examples of Helch's work ...
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IMG 5985fi 300x183 - New canal frontage opens at Paddington

New canal frontage opens at Paddington

A new canal frontage has been opened where there was previously none. Its adjacent to a historic site and this is reflected in the building the new wharf/canal walkway has ...
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palmasignfi 300x184 - 'Hostile takeover' for Ferrocarril de Sóller?

'Hostile takeover' for Ferrocarril de Sóller?

News comes in the Guardian published this afternoon (Saturday 17th August) an 'anonymous' group of people are attempting to buy out the famous Mallorcan railway which runs between Palma and ...
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IMG 1745work copytext 300x183 - Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Today its cookery lessons! The art of how to make lentil soup :) Here are some lentils ready to be gathered up and cooked to one's delight... Green (and some ...
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IMG 1001fi 300x183 - Facial recognition in use at King's Cross...

Facial recognition in use at King's Cross…

Reports on facial recognition being used at King's Cross and the idea that it should be implemented at Canary Wharf is a very interesting matter. Is it legit? Has permission ...
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DSC 0494fi 300x186 - Power outrage!

Power outrage!

When brand new trains get well and truly f**ked... or how Thameslink's trains got crossed off the rail network map! Friday 9th August 2019. The heavens opened and there was ...
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IMG 0686fi 300x186 - What the Helch?

What the Helch?

What the....? No its not hell, but Helch. If you do not know what Helch means well you are in luck - for it seems no-one else knows either! Helch ...
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IMG 0505fi 300x186 - The canals' duckweed war

The canals' duckweed war

Some years ago the then sibling charity Canal and River Trust had thought to themselves 'the duckweed war is being won'. It was very wishful thinking! A series of articles ...
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Burtynsky: Oil (Photographer's Gallery)

Today I made my first visit to the new (or rather, half new, half old) Photographer’s Gallery in Ramillies Street...

The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

I discovered a leaflet about an unusual exhibition, one that few probably have heard of but nevertheless a fascinating display...

The existential photographer

I decided to quickly look around the net and see if there were any articles or blogs related to existential...

Why Existential Camera?

Well we are all existentialist photographers! Ever seen two photographers look through the very same camera eyepiece at the same...


CURTAIN ROAD – The present St. Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, occupies the site of a church at least as old as...

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