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Yuval Harari on Human Reification

In writing a post on how humans perceive realities, I found this video from 2015 featuring Yuval Noah Harari of really great interest. Harari puts it so eloquently how humans ...
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Future transport society: The end of HS2?

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society - you've probably heard of or read this famous work. It was a thesis setting out the reasons why schools were not necessary - and ...
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Mike Horne

On District Dave's forum last night it was announced one of London's top railway biographers and researchers, Mike Horne, had passed away. His website and blog were an excellent source ...
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That streamlined tube train!

Yes! London Underground once had a streamlined tube train - although the speeds it would have been doing did nothing of any sort to smoothen the train's actual progress. Despite ...
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Hyde Park Now’s feature images

Whist there is an ongoing crisis (coronavirus) and many things are happening - sometimes its difficult to focus. Not only that one has to make sure their lives are going ...
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New York’s The Edge…

In the midst of an ongoing worldwide crisis, the Big Apple chose to stage a gala opening for something new in a city that's always on the edge so to ...
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Brindley, Wet Earth Colliery, nr Manchester

I am writing this because I have seen two of Martin Zero's videos on the excellent work by James Brindley, which revolves around the construction undertaken in the 1750s to ...
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TfL International Womens Day Roundels

Five different stations and five different lines for this year's effort at celebrating International Womens Day on the tube. Even TfL changed its own social media accounts to depict the ...
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At London's Waterloo station during the second part of this week there was a miniature landscape model advocating the many picturesque locations in America's Sunshine State, colloquially known as 'Minifornia', ...
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Early end for the Shinkansen Series 700

From March 2020 plans to keep just the N700, N700A as the sole stock operating on the Tokaido Shinkansen - with the exception of 'Doctor Yellow' - look like going ...
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That tricky spoon riddle

I was watching a video where Physics Girl describes tricky spoons and how they shift reflections from the convex to the concave - in other words - how they flip ...
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How England got plastinated…

Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis. Floods! Floods! Yet more floods. High speed watercourses sending large portacabins down what were once mere roads. It seems its getting worse. Is it global warming? ...
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4th generation Shinkansen stock gets retired

The oldest trains currently operating on the Tokaido Shinkansen are in fact at least 21 years old and Japan Central Railways have decided it is time for this iconic stock, ...
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Five get to Bristol briskly

Last week most of Central London had copies of the Evening Standard with a special feature cover from Great Western Railway. It was no doubt aimed at day trippers who ...
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Whatever happened to the North Downs Railway?

North Downs Steam Railway? Never heard of it! Surely you mean the North Downs Line? No it wasn't that! Where was this other railway then? It was a short-lived heritage ...
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Is the Nikon D6 that bad?

Apparently a lot people think so! Many have in fact expressed a huge disappointment with the new D6. What they are saying is the new camera is in no way ...
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Euston HS2 #11

Being the one where the PM has given the project the full go-ahead for stage one from London to Birmingham Curzon Street. The stages northwards will be known as High ...
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Those noisy Barbican tube trains!

Briefly, this is an overview of the problems of tube trains running beneath the Barbican Estate in the City of London, and the huge noise nuisance that's generated as a ...
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The House of Dots

Only for six days! The House of Dots is at Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross, London, and the venue launches a new range of fun stuff from LEGO. Visitors ...
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That Class 745 breakdown….

You'd think our railways couldn't get any worse! Whilst a certain You Tuber was extolling the virtues of the new Greater Anglia 745's, their biggest reputation at that very moment ...
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A runaway tram & the fall-out

The incident of a tram careering through the dead of night because its driver had suffered a seizure has caused much alarm in Europe. In fact it was the implications ...
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The Tokaido Shinkansen

While we in the UK battle wits over whether a new high speed railway should be built or not, I thought it would be a good idea to do a ...
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The new Wood Wharf development

On the 17th January Canary Wharf's new Wood Wharf development received its first residents and there is also a new pedestrian route through the area which opened in early January ...
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The County Donegal Railways #2

This is part two of the tribute to the famed County Donegal narrow gauge railways which closed on the very last day of 1959. In the first part we took ...
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A Euston station era ends #2

This is the second part covering the Euston station underground taxi rank - and features some more stuff that has now been 'lost' since the old taxi rank closed nigh ...
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Crossrail to Heathrow in 2021?

Amidst all the reports this week on the openings of Crossrail is one that was greatly missed (as well as another important factor too!) Everyone has been saying Crossrail (as ...
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A Euston station era ends

They haven't closed Euston station - not yet! The HS2 machine is still marching on relentless however as reported sometime back it all depends on the Oakervee report. They were ...
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By Rail to the Mumbles

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the closure of South Wales famous electric railway, the Swansea and Mumbles. It was a very unusual line being one of the world's first ...
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Welder on the Tube

Welder Dave's message 'Have a wonderful day.' People have been thanking Dave the welder - but who is he? He's one who wrote on a newly laid rail at Baker ...
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The County Donegal Railways

Sixty years ago this week the last passenger trains rain on the County Donegal Railways. Its popular knowledge the last public trains bowed out on December 31st 1959, but what ...
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