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  • The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Hyde Park Now-The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Was this photograph from 1937 somehow the best ever taken on London’s tube system? It’s certainly a very unusual composition for its time because it suggests a substantial abstraction and mystique. We do not know who the subject is other than its a guy in a bowler hat and his entire figure is almost in […]

  • The Elizabeth line’s ‘ship impact protection’

    Hyde Park Now-The Elizabeth line's 'ship impact protection'

    Ship impact protection? What the heck is that? Well its a means of protecting something from being hit by ships. You know ships can be pretty nasty if they collide with something, say another boat, a quay or even buildings sited alongside water. Thus its said that Canary Wharf is the only Elizabeth Line station […]

  • Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved…

    Hyde Park Now-Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved...

    The Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead (aka the Hampstead Tube) station building on the corner of Drummond and Melton Street will not be demolished, but rather relocated, according to what I gather (if it isn’t just a hearsay or something similar). The initial idea was to demolish it and replace it with a new head […]

  • The Tower Subway gets filmed!

    Hyde Park Now-The Tower Subway gets filmed!

    London’s mysterious Tower Subway, which opened in August 1870 and was the site for the city’s very first tube railway even though that was a small narrow gauge line with just one carriage carrying a few passengers a time under the Thames, has been the subject of curiosity for decades because many spot its circular […]

  • London viaduct with high/low lines #2

    Hyde Park Now-London viaduct with high/low lines #2

    The 1,19 km (3,911 ft) long Silvertown Viaduct which connects West Silvertown to Canning Town was the first instance of a viaduct of its kind constructed for an expanding road network. It opened as the nation’s first contemporary vehicle by-pass and is recognised as the UK’s first-ever road fly-over. A ‘high line’ and a ‘low […]

  • London viaduct with high & low lines!

    Hyde Park Now-London viaduct with high & low lines!

    These days there’s talk of high lines (Camden, Peckham) whilst London already has a low line which I have written about here. These are walking routes along the top or along the bottom of viaducts. This is one viaduct, a real historic one too that has both a ready made high and low line – […]