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  • London Bus Photos – Route 8a, 35 & 37

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 8a, 35 & 37

    Route 8a – Old Ford to London Bridge; Route 35 – Clapton Pond to Clapham Common; Route 37 – Hounslow to Peckham This summer, thirty-five years ago, the London bus routes 8a, 35, and 37 were converted to one-person operation. Route 2 was also converted at the same time, and these routes were among the […]

  • London’s first purpose built coach station for demolition

    Hyde Park Now-London's first purpose built coach station for demolition

    London’s first ever purpose built coach station will soon face the wrath of the rubble merchants – their task will of course be to bring the historic building right down to ground level and make sure its presence is removed from an iconic London setting for ever. This is a move which will permit replacement […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 16

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 16

    Route 16 – Victoria to Neasden The previous post in this series featuring the 237 was published in January 2018 – thus it seemed about time another was published! The other posts have been about central/south bus services thus this is the first to feature a route to the northern parts of London. The venerable […]

  • George Ewer & Grey-Green #2

    Hyde Park Now-George Ewer & Grey-Green #2

    The first part of this series looked at the origins and history of George Ewer/Grey-Green from 1895 to eventual ownership under Arriva buses. Grey-Green was one of the most successful independent coach companies of the 20th Century and for a while it even became one of London’s successful bus operators running many of the earlier […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 237

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 237

    Route 237 – Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury Village Another bus route scanned from my photograph albums compiled many years ago. The 237 went from Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury Village for just nine years. Its Routemaster services finally ended in February 1987. The 237 and its sister route 37 (as well as those to Staines) meant […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 150

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 150

    Route 150 – Aldgate to Victoria Bus Station This really should have been a 30th anniversary post in the summer of 2017 – however these pictures were found over xmas! The bus route concerned is not the 150 which runs between Becontree Heath and Chigwell Row (which didn’t run on Sundays anyway.) Its a different […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 47

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos - Route 47

    Route 47 – Shoreditch to Downham (unofficial Routemaster route.) I was in Shoreditch today (15th August 2017) and thought to myself, its time for the next post in the London Bus route series. And that’s the 47! This was worked by a small number of Routemasters from Catford Garage that complemented its Leyland Titans where […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 2

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos - Route 2

    Route 2 – Baker Street to West Norwood (Rosendale) This is an occasional new series, featuring scans from the many photobooks I patiently compiled on London’s Routemaster routes in the eighties as they were converted to One Person Operation (OPO.) I start with Route 2, which ended Routemaster operation thirty one years ago (although RML’s […]