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  • King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct

    Hyde Park Now-King's Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct

    The King’s Cross upgrade is a complex project because of the proximity of the adjacent tunnels known as Gasworks to the main line station and its platforms. This is why the layout was hugely rationalised in the seventies – in order to provide more flexibility – however that came with certain caveats which have only […]

  • Rail trespassers of 1965

    Hyde Park Now-Rail trespassers of 1965

    On many railways around the world its apparently quite okay to walk upon or by a railway line even though the operating authorities would really rather people didn’t do it. In a few countries it isn’t even an any sort of okay and Britain is one of those where trespassing’s a definite no-no. Despite the […]

  • Thomas Telford in detail (2)

    Hyde Park Now-Thomas Telford in detail (2)

    This is the second part of the feature on Thomas Telford’s achievements. The first part of this feature uses colour versions of the Rosoman painting located on the left hand side of the work sourced from the Internet with some upscaling involved. This second part depicts the structures on the right hand side of Leonard […]

  • Thomas Telford in detail

    Hyde Park Now-Thomas Telford in detail

    This isn’t some anatomical write-up on the composition of Thomas Telford’s body! Rather its a relatively unknown painting that commemorates his life’s work. There’s barely anything on the internet about this painting thus I deemed it an appropriate move to write a post about that work. How this came about is I didn’t know about […]

  • Victoria Line Royal Opening 1969

    Hyde Park Now-Victoria Line Royal Opening 1969

    The occasion on which HM The Queen officially opened the Victoria Line was no doubt the most momentous in terms of Royals on London’s Underground. Prince Charles and Princess Alexandra indeed officiated also with openings of extensions to Brixton and Heathrow plus the Jubilee Line from Baker Street to Charing Cross. This particular one stands […]

  • London’s first purpose built coach station for demolition

    Hyde Park Now-London's first purpose built coach station for demolition

    London’s first ever purpose built coach station will soon face the wrath of the rubble merchants – their task will of course be to bring the historic building right down to ground level and make sure its presence is removed from an iconic London setting for ever. This is a move which will permit replacement […]

  • The Tower Subway gets filmed!

    Hyde Park Now-The Tower Subway gets filmed!

    London’s mysterious Tower Subway, which opened in August 1870 and was the site for the city’s very first tube railway even though that was a small narrow gauge line with just one carriage carrying a few passengers a time under the Thames, has been the subject of curiosity for decades because many spot its circular […]

  • BR, LT, and decimalisation 1971

    Hyde Park Now-BR, LT, and decimalisation 1971

    This weekend fifty years ago both British Railways and London Transport began a major task in their ticket offices and ticket machines to embrace the pending national conversion from pounds, shillings, pennies, to the new decimal coinage of pounds and pence. The change was effected on 14 February with the rest of the country following […]

  • The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #3

    Hyde Park Now-The Tokyo to Osaka Line: A history #3

    The third instalment in this comprehensive series on the origins of the Shinkasen! We begin with the notion the new line would be affectionately named Yume no Chōtokkyū – or the ‘Super Dream Express.’ The older (eg 1930s era) and considerably more popular name which many use – ‘Bullet train’ – didn’t gain world wide […]

  • Sixty years since the last train to Cwm Prysor #2

    Hyde Park Now-Sixty years since the last train to Cwm Prysor #2

    The second part of the ‘Sixty years since the last train to Cwm Prysor’ feature. Previously it had been mentioned the line closed because of a new reservoir, that is true of course however in terms of passenger traffic it had in fact been closed some time earlier. The only reason the line was still […]