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  • Elizabeth line – black or blue?

    Hyde Park Now-Elizabeth line - black or blue?

    No not a punch up or anything but rather information. We want information! information! Information. By hook or by crook you wont get it – except in maybe black with white lettering these days! Or yellow/orangey font against a back background as has been the norm for decades. Okay let’s Start Me Up! The Elizabeth […]

  • Legible London & other missing files

    Hyde Park Now-Legible London & other missing files

    Many people comment on the fact many original files and documents related to Legible London are no longer to be found on TfL’s website – or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve added a few other goodies discovered along the way! sad to discover most of the design docs for Legible London have disappeared from […]

  • Legible London – The original scheme

    Hyde Park Now-Legible London - The original scheme

    Its just over ten years since Legible London signs first made their roots on London’s streets. Everybody’s been tweeting, blogging, about the 10th anniversary of these signs. However this is a look at whats left of the original 2007 scheme. Where were the original monoliths/miniliths/fingerposts located? And do they still exist….Legible London was originally conceived […]