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  • The Southwold Railway #2

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway #2

    The railway’s route from Southwold to Halesworth: From the station itself the line headed across Southwold common and soon entered the largest cutting on the entire route. This present day view on Google Street shows the start of the cutting itself. Its been a public footpath for the last seventy years or so. This footpath was what […]

  • The Bure Valley Railway

    Hyde Park Now-The Bure Valley Railway

    The nine mile long Bure Valley Railway opened on Tuesday 10th July 1990 and soon it became one of the country’s premier fifteen inch gauge lines. It was constructed on a ready made alignment (which would in part become an adjacent footpath) that consisted of the former British Railways freight route from Wroxham to Norwich […]

  • The County Donegal Railways #3

    Hyde Park Now-The County Donegal Railways #3

    The third part of the CDRJC feature covering the line’s closure and what can be seen of the railway today. The County Donegal Railways closes The end of the CDRJC. December 1959 notice announcing the system’s closure on 31st December 1959. Source: Twitter Although the closure notice implies all freight services were to finish at […]

  • The County Donegal Railways #2

    Hyde Park Now-The County Donegal Railways #2

    This is part two of the tribute to the famed County Donegal narrow gauge railways which closed on the very last day of 1959. In the first part we took a look at the CDRJC’s route to Ballyshannon and Killybegs. In this second part we look at the CDRJC’s other stations including Derry and Letterkenny, […]

  • The County Donegal Railways

    Hyde Park Now-The County Donegal Railways

    Sixty years ago this week the last passenger trains rain on the County Donegal Railways. Its popular knowledge the last public trains bowed out on December 31st 1959, but what is less known is the railway continued solely as a regular freight operation for a further five weeks or so. Which means, like several other […]

  • The West Clare revisited

    Hyde Park Now-The West Clare revisited

    The West Clare’s greatest mystery, that being the one surrounding Percy French’s ill-fated trip on the railway to Kilkee in order to perform there, was examined at great length in this blog over two years ago. The post was called Stuck in Miltown – and fuming! It was a reference to Percy French’s frustration at […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller #3

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller #3

    The Ferrocarril de Sóller feature continues – and here there’s a look at the celebrated tramway between Sóller and Puerto de Sóller In terms of station stops, during our visits in the late sixties and the seventies, the compulsory stops en route were Son Sardina, Santa Maria and Bunyola. Santa Maria is now a request […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller #2

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller #2

    Continuing the articles on the Ferrocarril de Sóller, with a further look at what was the rest of the Mallorcan railway network… The attractive entrance to the FS’ Palma station, just off the Plaza de España opposite the Estacio Intermodal. Source: Pinterest The network is now known as the SFM (Servicios Ferroviarios de Mallorca.) It […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller

    Mallorca’s popular tourist railway, the ‘Orange Express,’ has entered its 90th year of electrification. The Palma – Sóller route originally opened on 16th May 1912 (ironically the very week the Titanic had sunk – thus little was reported on the island’s stupendous new mountain railway route.) Electric traction was originally intended but discounted due to […]

  • The Southend Pier railway

    Hyde Park Now-The Southend Pier railway

    The unusual three foot six inch gauge railway as it was known in its final form began operation in 1949. The exact date for the introduction of the new trains, signalling and crossovers took place on 13th April 1949. The pier’s first railway began partial operation in 1889 thus this is the 130th anniversary for […]