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  • The Southwold Railway

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway

    The Southwold Railway – England’s premier three foot narrow gauge passenger railway! This week its ninety years since the last passenger trains ran. 2019 is also the 140th anniversary of the line’s opening. This somewhat quirky railway was in service for just fifty years, and remained moribund for several decades more. It has left a […]

  • Driving thro rail tunnels for fun!

    Hyde Park Now-Driving thro rail tunnels for fun!

    Whilst discussing the Gotthard Bahn the other week I got this idea for a couple of ‘road trips’ through some railway tunnels. Generally no-one can just drive cars through any railway tunnels, but what I am about to discuss is very different! Take for example the Schöllenen railway. Some of you will know this metre […]

  • Stuck in Miltown – and fuming!

    Hyde Park Now-Stuck in Miltown - and fuming!

    If you were due a court appearance in Ennis over a counter claim by the West Clare Railway, simply claiming you had travelled by one of its trains to court and been made late would have earned the judge’s deepest sympathies. That is because the West Clare had a most disreputable image in terms of […]