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  • That Class 745 breakdown….

    Hyde Park Now-That Class 745 breakdown....

    You’d think our railways couldn’t get any worse! Whilst a certain You Tuber was extolling the virtues of the new Greater Anglia 745’s, these new trains’ biggest reputation at that very moment was the ability to breakdown for more than five hours, blocking a major railway route to London! It seemed Greater Anglia had little […]

  • Leaky problems at Baker Street #2

    Hyde Park Now-Leaky problems at Baker Street #2

    Many thought the roadworks at Baker Street on 27th August badly timed and wondered what the hell it was this time Thames Water were trying to do. But many did not even know this work was needed because of a massive leak into the tube station directly beneath the road surface! I wrote about that […]

  • Leaky problems at Baker Street

    Hyde Park Now-Leaky problems at Baker Street

    For well over a week there has been a substantial water ingress at Baker Street on the original 1863 westbound platform. As of the last few days its got worse and TfL are now having to use staff in full time attendance to try and keep the worst affected parts of the platform clear of […]

  • Thameslink does it again!

    Hyde Park Now-Thameslink does it again!

    Thameslink train descending towards City station from Blackfriars about 16.50pm on the day in question. No sooner than the debacle had occurred of Thameslink’s trains stalling and refusing to reboot until specialists were brought in to sort them out – the whole hog is re-enacted once again – as if the first time simply wasn’t […]

  • Power outrage!

    Hyde Park Now-Power outrage!

    When brand new trains get well and truly f**ked… or how Thameslink’s trains got crossed off the rail network map! Friday 9th August 2019. The heavens opened and there was torrential rain and gales. Somewhere in the national grid a glitch occurred. Two power sources, one at Little Barford power station in Cambridgeshire, followed almost […]