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  • The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Hyde Park Now-The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Was this photograph from 1937 somehow the best ever taken on London’s tube system? It’s certainly a very unusual composition for its time because it suggests a substantial abstraction and mystique. We do not know who the subject is other than its a guy in a bowler hat and his entire figure is almost in […]

  • Pilatus posters #2

    Hyde Park Now-Pilatus posters #2

    From its beginnings in 1889, the Pilatus railway was a huge success. The initial goal of 15,000 passenger trips per year was broken in its first year when 37,000 passengers were transported. The 48% steepness of the Pilatus railway was a big draw but because of the steepness of the climb and the fact the […]

  • The Elizabeth line’s ‘ship impact protection’

    Hyde Park Now-The Elizabeth line's 'ship impact protection'

    Ship impact protection? What the heck is that? Well its a means of protecting something from being hit by ships. You know ships can be pretty nasty if they collide with something, say another boat, a quay or even buildings sited alongside water. Thus its said that Canary Wharf is the only Elizabeth Line station […]

  • Pilatus posters

    Hyde Park Now-Pilatus posters

    No not the highly praised small aircraft but the mountain instead! The vast range of Swiss transport posters is immensely fascinating. They’re no doubt meant to entice visitors to the Alps but they too are a class in their own right in terms of transport history, for they tell us much about the many different […]

  • The Southwold Railway #3

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway #3

    Forty years of dereliction and decay: After closure the line remained derelict for the next twenty years or so. There were moves to reopen it, none of which came to fruition. Most of the route’s track remained until the early forties. The army blew up part of the Blyth bridge thus the line was severed […]

  • London’s cutest signal gantry?

    Hyde Park Now-London's cutest signal gantry?

    As an aside to London’s unique concrete signal gantries which I’ve written about a couple of times, here’s one steel gantry that defied attempts to build it in the style of many others seen on the mainline out of Waterloo! At one time nearly all the signals out of Waterloo (including the many platform starters […]

  • A mystery DMU tunnel!

    Hyde Park Now-A mystery DMU tunnel!

    This was a true rarity! A tunnel used to stable DMUs between journeys, and as far as I know, there was only one example outside of urban areas on Britain’s railway system (although there are other examples where DMUs reversed in tunnels to take up duties in the other direction.) A few preserved railways now […]

  • The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    Hyde Park Now-The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    Great British Railways is on the way! Its basically a re-nationalisation of the railways (to some sort of extent based on the TfL model where individual companies manage the various transport systems TfL requires as part of the day to day operations keeping London on the move.) I’m not going to write very much about […]

  • Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Hyde Park Now-Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Sir Roundlington is a name you’ve probably never heard of. He was supposed to be a new TfL mascot, but he didn’t make the cut. Other examples of short-lived mascots include Wilfred the bunny, who failed to make the cut in the 1920s. Sir Roundlington is probably the least well-known, and after being deposed from […]

  • eBay has 1938 tube stock for sale!

    Hyde Park Now-eBay has 1938 tube stock for sale!

    This is one of the units from the Island Line. The cost? ‘An eye watering price of £32,000’ says the Isle of Wight County Press! Someone claimed it wouldn’t be anything more than ‘an expensive shed.’ Another quipped ‘it won’t fit on your mantelpiece though!’ I’ll take that to be a fair enough warning… lol! […]