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  • More Urbex deep level tube exploits

    Hyde Park Now-More Urbex deep level tube exploits

    The Beno You Tube channel is usually one that features lifts and rides on top of these as well as a good look at different types of lift systems, and also trains, metros and trams around the world. The person who runs it has increasingly been doing a wider range of Urbex stuff and several […]

  • Secret Vault beats Hidden London again!

    Hyde Park Now-Secret Vault beats Hidden London again!

    Whether one wants a clinically presented (yet in depth knowledge) or a no frills, haphazard yet exciting exploration of the Kingsway subway is probably down to one’s individual preferences, but once again Secret Vault have gone where Hidden London Hangouts missed out! The fact its ‘Holborn Tramway’ doesn’t indicate some sort of new, exciting tram […]

  • Which is better? Hidden London or Secret Vault?

    Hyde Park Now-Which is better? Hidden London or Secret Vault?

    Hidden London Hangouts or Secret Vault? That is the question! In terms of London’s underground system, which is better? It depends on the interests one has and whether they want more than just an official view of things. Hidden London Hangouts is a London Transport Museum virtual tour of the non public areas of the […]

  • The West Clare’s modernisation era

    Hyde Park Now-The West Clare's modernisation era

    Ireland’s narrow gauge lines were pioneers in the use of modern traction despite a general notion they were anachronisms. These small gauge lines no doubt meant the threat of road competition was far bigger than for the broad gauge lines. A number of the narrow gauge systems experimented with petrol and diesel railcars from a […]

  • The Southwold Railway #2

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway #2

    The railway’s route from Southwold to Halesworth: From the station itself the line headed across Southwold common and soon entered the largest cutting on the entire route. This present day view on Google Street shows the start of the cutting itself. Its been a public footpath for the last seventy years or so. This footpath was what […]

  • South Shore Line Michigan City

    Hyde Park Now-South Shore Line Michigan City

    The Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Line (the South Shore) is America’s last interurban line – and what is more surprising is it still operates a substantial section of on-street track. The railroad once had other street sections too which have since been diverted – however this in Michigan City, Indiana, is the last […]

  • Buffer crash tests #2

    Hyde Park Now-Buffer crash tests #2

    The first post looked at primarily Ipswich buffers under test in Argentina. This post looks at a few more of those – but its mainly the more modern types such as Oleo buffers that are being tested. Other countries United Kingdom: There are still a number of stations and sidings with Ipswich buffers. The only […]

  • Buffer crash tests #1

    Hyde Park Now-Buffer crash tests #1

    A post with a difference – well sort of! I discovered some number of videos following threads on hydraulic buffers at terminus stations. Thus here’s a collaboration of all those videos I could find of the art of buffer walloping in action! Actually its a means of testing those solid and enduring Ransome and Rapier […]

  • The tube's highest stations & gradients

    Hyde Park Now-The tube's highest stations & gradients

    Dont we all love records! The biggest this the highest that! London Underground records are something we love! We know Amersham’s right up there as the highest of all at practically 500 feet whilst High Barnet hits the top parade out of all of the deep level tube lines in terms of elevation. One doesn’t […]

  • That streamlined tube train!

    Hyde Park Now-That streamlined tube train!

    Yes! London Underground once had a streamlined tube train – although the speeds it would have been doing did nothing of any sort to smoothen the train’s actual progress. Despite claims the design was to enable faster tube speeds, it was said ‘After making experiments,’ it was ‘reported that there was no advantage either in speed or […]