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  • Brindley, Wet Earth Colliery, nr Manchester

    Hyde Park Now-Brindley, Wet Earth Colliery, nr Manchester

    I am writing this because I have seen two of Martin Zero’s videos on the excellent work by James Brindley, which revolves around the construction undertaken in the 1750s to resolve both flooding issues as well as give an abundant working water supply to the mines around the Irwell Valley at Ringley, north of Manchester. […]

  • Five get to Bristol briskly

    Hyde Park Now-Five get to Bristol briskly

    Last week most of Central London had copies of the Evening Standard with a special feature cover from Great Western Railway. It was no doubt aimed at day trippers who might wish to take advantage of GWR’s new IETs (their green Azumas if you like!) Especially those faster services that are being offered with the […]

  • Whatever happened to the North Downs Railway?

    Hyde Park Now-Whatever happened to the North Downs Railway?

    North Downs Steam Railway? Never heard of it! Surely you mean the North Downs Line? No it wasn’t that! Where was this other railway then? It was a short-lived heritage line in North Kent, based not far from the southern end of the Dartford tunnel. The NDSR began life with plans for the preservation of […]

  • Whatever happened to Brunel's bridge?

    Hyde Park Now-Whatever happened to Brunel's bridge?

    The famous (since 2004) bridge was dismantled and taken to Portsmouth where it currently resides at Fort Cumberland in Eastney. Few know its there. It seems the stored remains are not even labelled as Brunel’s bridge. At the time of its dismantling there was every promise it would be stored for a short while and […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller #3

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller #3

    The Ferrocarril de Sóller feature continues – and here there’s a look at the celebrated tramway between Sóller and Puerto de Sóller In terms of station stops, during our visits in the late sixties and the seventies, the compulsory stops en route were Son Sardina, Santa Maria and Bunyola. Santa Maria is now a request […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller #2

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller #2

    Continuing the articles on the Ferrocarril de Sóller, with a further look at what was the rest of the Mallorcan railway network… The attractive entrance to the FS’ Palma station, just off the Plaza de España opposite the Estacio Intermodal. Source: Pinterest The network is now known as the SFM (Servicios Ferroviarios de Mallorca.) It […]

  • Ferrocarril de Sóller

    Hyde Park Now-Ferrocarril de Sóller

    Mallorca’s popular tourist railway, the ‘Orange Express,’ has entered its 90th year of electrification. The Palma – Sóller route originally opened on 16th May 1912 (ironically the very week the Titanic had sunk – thus little was reported on the island’s stupendous new mountain railway route.) Electric traction was originally intended but discounted due to […]

  • Kentish Town's crazy escalators!

    Hyde Park Now-Kentish Town's crazy escalators!

    This week a tweet particularly intrigued me. It showed the escalator steps at Kentish Town tube station with a quirky message ‘Stand on the handrail.’ An impossible task apparently – unless one was some sort of acrobat or tightrope artist. Clearly the message was removed very soon after the error was made known Though the […]

  • Lincoln Road crossing

    Hyde Park Now-Lincoln Road crossing

    A few weeks back I made a trip to a unique foot crossing, possibly the most unusual of all those to be found in London – and its absolutely nothing like any of the other foot crossings anywhere in all of Greater London. This is the Lincoln Road crossing in Enfield and its one neither […]

  • The Southwold Railway

    Hyde Park Now-The Southwold Railway

    The Southwold Railway – England’s premier three foot narrow gauge passenger railway! This week its ninety years since the last passenger trains ran. 2019 is also the 140th anniversary of the line’s opening. This somewhat quirky railway was in service for just fifty years, and remained moribund for several decades more. It has left a […]