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  • New LUL service tunnels at Euston

    Hyde Park Now-New LUL service tunnels at Euston

    HS2 have just released a video along with pictures of what is clearly work to build the long awaited ventilation services facility at Stephenson Place to the south of the HS2 site. This, as some will know, entailed the building of a quite controversial building which will help to ventilate the Northern line as well […]

  • Knightsbridge station 2022

    Hyde Park Now-Knightsbridge station 2022

    Its London’s underground’s forgotten upgrade! Everyone gets their rocks off on Battersea Power Station new tube station, Barking Riverside, the Northern Line’s Bank station upgrade, the Elizabeth Line, even the new station entrances at Hackney Central and the rest of it. But this one? It seems its barely been mentioned and probably something many would […]

  • The tube’s first ever fatalities

    Hyde Park Now-The tube's first ever fatalities

    The first ever fatality on the tube occurred one hundred and thirty one years ago this month and this occurred in the very early months of the then new City and South London Railway, which as many know, is now part of London’s Northern Line. (PS if one wants to read about the first ever […]

  • Westminster escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Westminster escalator pics

    A few months ago I wrote about a display of historic underground pictures on the hoardings at Oxford Circus tube station. It must be said that Westminster (Jubilee Line) too has had a display of pictures for some time on one of the escalator banks while replacement of an escalator is underway. Its one of […]

  • Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Hyde Park Now-Bakerloo returns to Kennington Rd!

    Kennington Road station was an early tube terminus however it didn’t last long. It was the penultimate station before the Elephant and Castle and these days is better known as Lambeth North. A strange quirk to this station is that it has retained its full terminus capabilities unlike many other tube stations, including a double […]

  • The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Hyde Park Now-The best London tube photo ever? (revisited)

    Was this photograph from 1937 somehow the best ever taken on London’s tube system? It’s certainly a very unusual composition for its time because it suggests a substantial abstraction and mystique. We do not know who the subject is other than its a guy in a bowler hat and his entire figure is almost in […]

  • Paddington station 1838/1854

    Hyde Park Now-Paddington station 1838/1854

    For years the exterior of the original Paddington station buildings belonging to the Great Western Railway (GWR) have looked in a quite poor condition. This is the rear of the area which is known these days as the GWR First Class Lounge. These were the very rooms which the Royal Family, especially Queen Victoria, would […]

  • Elizabeth line – black or blue?

    Hyde Park Now-Elizabeth line - black or blue?

    No not a punch up or anything but rather information. We want information! information! Information. By hook or by crook you wont get it – except in maybe black with white lettering these days! Or yellow/orangey font against a back background as has been the norm for decades. Okay let’s Start Me Up! The Elizabeth […]

  • Warren Street to Victoria 1962-69

    Hyde Park Now-Warren Street to Victoria 1962-69

    In the other posts covering the section of the Victoria Line that was opened in March 1969, the construction work at Oxford Circus, Green Park and Victoria tube stations was featured on individual merit, with Oxford Circus requiring two posts because of the complexities at that site. Everything was covering – prep work, tunnelling, piling, […]

  • Thameslink overextends itself…

    Hyde Park Now-Thameslink overextends itself...

    Who needs train pantographs especially when one is south of the River Thames? Exactly! It’s the reason for having BIG warning signs at Farringdon pleading that drivers check to see they’ve retracted their pantographs in order to enjoy the delights of the substantial 3rd rail system – the world’s largest such network which is largely […]