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  • Greater Anglia Class 745/315 Flirt!

    Hyde Park Now-Greater Anglia Class 745/315 Flirt!

    This is a video of the Greater Anglia Flirt (16.30 > Norwich) on 28 March 2022, but that’s not the important bit! Rather its the Class 315 which can be seen constantly in the 745’s windows as the trains race each other to Stratford! The 315s are still doing several duties a day from Liverpool […]

  • Marylebone – Take a Seat exhibition

    Hyde Park Now-Marylebone - Take a Seat exhibition

    PriestmanGoode has been in the news a lot for its iconic rail designs, including the unveiling of the first mock ups of the new tube trains for the Piccadilly Line at the Siemens factory in Goole. As observers will know, its designs are quite radical and those for the new Piccadilly Line are no exception. […]

  • TfL Colourful Roundels

    Hyde Park Now-TfL Colourful Roundels

    TfL has certainly been going to town with its colourful roundels these last few years – perhaps a chance to cheer up tube and overground users during these uncertain times in the light of COVID etc? Many wonderful examples and evidently a lot many of us will have not seen either despite some of us […]

  • Western DMUs on the Metropolitan Line!

    Hyde Park Now-Western DMUs on the Metropolitan Line!

    The London Underground’s history has been replete with many instances of main line passenger trains, and freight trains sharing tracks with London Underground’s trains. Bow Road to Upminster, Shoreditch to New Cross and New Cross Gate, Gunnersbury to Richmond, Putney to Wimbledon, Ealing Broadway to High Street Kensington, Kilburn High Road to Watford Junction, Croxley […]

  • The Elizabeth line’s ‘ship impact protection’

    Hyde Park Now-The Elizabeth line's 'ship impact protection'

    Ship impact protection? What the heck is that? Well its a means of protecting something from being hit by ships. You know ships can be pretty nasty if they collide with something, say another boat, a quay or even buildings sited alongside water. Thus its said that Canary Wharf is the only Elizabeth Line station […]

  • SWR’s Class 707 Desiro City units

    Hyde Park Now-SWR's Class 707 Desiro City units

    As the title suggests this is about the Class 707s that are still in service with South Western Railway. Their days with SWR are numbered though because once the lease is up those will be transferred to South Eastern – who so far have 18 Class 707 units (nine ten car units) repainted in a […]

  • Northern Line at Bank closes down

    Hyde Park Now-Northern Line at Bank closes down

    Well this is! The Bank branch of the Northern Line is no longer with us in its last known form! The final train left at 00.38 this morning. The next one wont be until sometime in 2022 and then it’ll be a totally different platform (and station altogether.) Over the past 50 years or so […]

  • Crossrail – the Old Oak scene

    Hyde Park Now-Crossrail - the Old Oak scene

    I bet you never realised Crossrail had major working sites at both of West London’s ‘Oaks!’ That is, Royal Oak and Old Oak. The former is the location where the tunnels begin their journey to either East or South East London, and the latter is where the company built and stored its thousands and thousands […]

  • King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #3

    Hyde Park Now-King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #3

    The final part of the King’s Cross station remodelling took place between Easter and early June 2021 with the west side of the station being closed and the tracks and platforms upgraded to longer sections as well as better track geometry. Unfortunately the design has left the former platform 10 without any track of any […]

  • London’s only tube trains with a forward view!

    Hyde Park Now-London's only tube trains with a forward view!

    Now that the 1938 tube stock’s long era in public service has come to an end with the last examples having bowed out from the Island Line, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the one element of these tube trains no one ever seems to mention. That is the fact […]