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  • Oxford Circus escalator pics – the update!

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics - the update!

    Just over a week ago I published a feature on the new pictures at Oxford Circus tube which featured the history of escalators on London’s underground. One curiosity was the fact all the pictures were in chronological order other than the final three which were set out as 1976, 1950 and 2014 (that’s in the […]

  • Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Work on the down northbound escalators at Oxford Circus is accompanied by a novelty rarely seen at any escalator work on the tube. This is a photomontage of images depicting escalator history and building. While this has been done at one, maybe two, other tube stations, this particular exhibit includes a photograph of London’s only […]

  • Harvey becomes Lumo train’s ambassador!

    Hyde Park Now-Harvey becomes Lumo train's ambassador!

    The LUMO train, which will travel between London and Edinburgh, has appointed Harvey Price as a diversity and inclusion ambassador. The position will serve to promote a greater understanding of the issues of rail travel for individuals with disabilities, as well as working with Lumo to build awareness of the new service and encourage genuine […]

  • Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved…

    Hyde Park Now-Hampstead tube building at Euston to be moved...

    The Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead (aka the Hampstead Tube) station building on the corner of Drummond and Melton Street will not be demolished, but rather relocated, according to what I gather (if it isn’t just a hearsay or something similar). The initial idea was to demolish it and replace it with a new head […]

  • 4G on the tube

    Hyde Park Now-4G on the tube

    The recent introduction of 4G on the Jubilee Line took people by surprise. I’m sure few realise it exists though this was quite well publicized at the time. There’s extremely fast speed to be gained from the section between North Greenwich and Westminster. This post serves as a reminder of that and there’s some useful […]

  • CGL (City, Greenwich & Lewisham) Rail

    Hyde Park Now-CGL (City, Greenwich & Lewisham) Rail

    In London this year, well, just a couple of months ago, a major railway event passed with little notice. It involved a railway company closing (if that’s the right word) and being taken over by another, lock, stock, and barrel. That is, with the exception of the trains using the line! The trains were owned […]

  • London Bus Photos – Route 8a, 35 & 37

    Hyde Park Now-London Bus Photos – Route 8a, 35 & 37

    Route 8a – Old Ford to London Bridge; Route 35 – Clapton Pond to Clapham Common; Route 37 – Hounslow to Peckham This summer, thirty-five years ago, the London bus routes 8a, 35, and 37 were converted to one-person operation. Route 2 was also converted at the same time, and these routes were among the […]

  • London’s cutest signal gantry?

    Hyde Park Now-London's cutest signal gantry?

    As an aside to London’s unique concrete signal gantries which I’ve written about a couple of times, here’s one steel gantry that defied attempts to build it in the style of many others seen on the mainline out of Waterloo! At one time nearly all the signals out of Waterloo (including the many platform starters […]

  • King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #2

    Hyde Park Now-King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #2

    That darned canal aqueduct at King’s Cross is a major factor why the railway layout at this prestige London railway terminus has problems. Its not just that, there’s also the Camden sewer which also caused problems too by being right across the entrance to the three Gasworks tunnels. As we have seen, that sewer was […]

  • Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Hyde Park Now-Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Sir Roundlington is a name you’ve probably never heard of. He was supposed to be a new TfL mascot, but he didn’t make the cut. Other examples of short-lived mascots include Wilfred the bunny, who failed to make the cut in the 1920s. Sir Roundlington is probably the least well-known, and after being deposed from […]