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  • Southwark’s deep level tube shelter

    Hyde Park Now-Southwark's deep level tube shelter

    ‘The Deep’ apparently was the nickname for the Southwark deep level bomb shelter sited within the City and South London Railway’s former tunnels between Borough and London Bridge. The other end of this section at King William Street too was a bomb shelter however it was totally unconnected to Southwark’s thus the section of the […]

  • Ealing & Shepherd’s Bush Railway

    Hyde Park Now-Ealing & Shepherd's Bush Railway

    The 100th anniversary of the Central Line between Wood Lane and Ealing Broadway! The new line opened on August 3rd 1920. The route was actually built by the Great Western Railway however the Central London Railway was a shared owner and it had running powers over the route. Along with the other GWR branch to […]

  • Central London Railway 120th anniversary

    Hyde Park Now-Central London Railway 120th anniversary

    The Central Line’s 120th anniversary! Originally known as the Central London Railway (or more popularly as it was known, the Twopenny Tube) the system was officially opened on 27th June 1900 by the Prince of Wales. Public services began on the 30th July 1900 between Shepherd’s Bush and Bank. These were entirely underground. The open […]

  • The Victoria Line at Green Park

    Hyde Park Now-The Victoria Line at Green Park

    Green Park tube station is unusual that it has had two lots of Royal openings! The first – and possibly the more famous – was that for the Victoria Line in 1969. The second Royal event occurred almost exactly ten years later for the Jubilee Line. No surprise when some of the station’s most important […]

  • Construction Of Oxford Circus Station 1962-69 #2

    Hyde Park Now-Construction Of Oxford Circus Station 1962-69 #2

    This is an overview of the stations and route forming the third part of the Victoria Line in 1969. The stations were Oxford Circus, Green Park and Victoria. The problems of building a station underneath the Peter Robinson store was told in the first part published last December. The famous Oxford Circus umbrella is covered […]

  • London Underground's first 'ATO' system – 1932

    Hyde Park Now-London Underground's first 'ATO' system - 1932

    The tube was the first passenger railway in the UK to adopt any form of automated train control or rather as it was known in those days, Centralised Train Control (CTC.) This was indeed the first in Europe and was installed on the Metropolitan Railway’s new branch to Stanmore. It opened in December 1932 and […]

  • The tube's highest stations & gradients

    Hyde Park Now-The tube's highest stations & gradients

    Dont we all love records! The biggest this the highest that! London Underground records are something we love! We know Amersham’s right up there as the highest of all at practically 500 feet whilst High Barnet hits the top parade out of all of the deep level tube lines in terms of elevation. One doesn’t […]

  • That streamlined tube train!

    Hyde Park Now-That streamlined tube train!

    Yes! London Underground once had a streamlined tube train – although the speeds it would have been doing did nothing of any sort to smoothen the train’s actual progress. Despite claims the design was to enable faster tube speeds, it was said ‘After making experiments,’ it was ‘reported that there was no advantage either in speed or […]

  • Those noisy Barbican tube trains!

    Hyde Park Now-Those noisy Barbican tube trains!

    Briefly, this is an overview of the problems of tube trains running beneath the Barbican Estate in the City of London, and the huge noise nuisance that’s generated as a result. My post looks at the history of the estate’s tunnels’ construction and how things look today. It also looks at the noise blight which […]

  • Construction of Oxford Circus station 1962-69

    Hyde Park Now-Construction of Oxford Circus station 1962-69

    As most will know the Victoria Line fully opened in its original format during March 1969 – and this alone ensured the Victoria Line received great publicity worldwide compared to the mediocre openings of the earlier stages between Walthamstow and Warren Street. It was an event where the Queen of the British Isles became the […]