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  • Pilatus posters #2

    Hyde Park Now-Pilatus posters #2

    From its beginnings in 1889, the Pilatus railway was a huge success. The initial goal of 15,000 passenger trips per year was broken in its first year when 37,000 passengers were transported. The 48% steepness of the Pilatus railway was a big draw but because of the steepness of the climb and the fact the […]

  • Oxford Circus escalator pics – the update!

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics - the update!

    Just over a week ago I published a feature on the new pictures at Oxford Circus tube which featured the history of escalators on London’s underground. One curiosity was the fact all the pictures were in chronological order other than the final three which were set out as 1976, 1950 and 2014 (that’s in the […]

  • Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Hyde Park Now-Oxford Circus escalator pics

    Work on the down northbound escalators at Oxford Circus is accompanied by a novelty rarely seen at any escalator work on the tube. This is a photomontage of images depicting escalator history and building. While this has been done at one, maybe two, other tube stations, this particular exhibit includes a photograph of London’s only […]

  • Pilatus posters

    Hyde Park Now-Pilatus posters

    No not the highly praised small aircraft but the mountain instead! The vast range of Swiss transport posters is immensely fascinating. They’re no doubt meant to entice visitors to the Alps but they too are a class in their own right in terms of transport history, for they tell us much about the many different […]

  • A new cableway for Piz Gloria

    Hyde Park Now-A new cableway for Piz Gloria

    The Schilthornbahn has been in operation for 55 years. The first stage from Stechelberg to Mürren/Birg opened on 20th June 1965. That to the summit of the Schilthorn opened in 1967 and it was soon made famous because of 007! The summit facilities had been left incomplete due to shortage of finances however the making […]

  • Emirates cable car in miniature!

    Hyde Park Now-Emirates cable car in miniature!

    Budding model collectors have an opportunity to collect one of just 99 specially created models depicting London’s Emirates cable car! These are priced at £300 each – so make it quick before they sell out! The exclusive collectors models can be found at this LT Museum page. LT Museum says: The Emirates Air Line electric […]

  • Kentish Town's crazy escalators!

    Hyde Park Now-Kentish Town's crazy escalators!

    This week a tweet particularly intrigued me. It showed the escalator steps at Kentish Town tube station with a quirky message ‘Stand on the handrail.’ An impossible task apparently – unless one was some sort of acrobat or tightrope artist. Clearly the message was removed very soon after the error was made known Though the […]

  • The Eiffel Tower's Edoux Lifts

    Hyde Park Now-The Eiffel Tower's Edoux Lifts

    Gustave Eiffel’s new tower, to be built in Paris for the anniversary of French Independence in 1889, wasnt just something that could be put up at a whim. No-one had to that date ever built so high, and worse no-one had ever built lifts that could climb such heights. Originally Eiffel had held the notion […]