Category: Waterways

  • Brindley, Wet Earth Colliery, nr Manchester

    Hyde Park Now-Brindley, Wet Earth Colliery, nr Manchester

    I am writing this because I have seen two of Martin Zero’s videos on the excellent work by James Brindley, which revolves around the construction undertaken in the 1750s to resolve both flooding issues as well as give an abundant working water supply to the mines around the Irwell Valley at Ringley, north of Manchester. […]

  • Whatever happened to Brunel's bridge?

    Hyde Park Now-Whatever happened to Brunel's bridge?

    The famous (since 2004) bridge was dismantled and taken to Portsmouth where it currently resides at Fort Cumberland in Eastney. Few know its there. It seems the stored remains are not even labelled as Brunel’s bridge. At the time of its dismantling there was every promise it would be stored for a short while and […]

  • Toddbrook Reservoir

    Hyde Park Now-Toddbrook Reservoir

    The dam at Toddbrook. Source: Twitter By now many will no doubt be aware of the calamity that occurred at Whaley Bridge in August 2019 (this is now three years ago) when much of the picturesque town had to be evacuated because of the danger of the Toddbrook reservoir which looms over the town, failing […]