Hyde Park Now-Hayward Brothers on the tube

Hayward Brothers on the tube

Another as it happens blog post – and so soon after the first one! I wanted to gradually make it a regular feature but it seems I am diving in at the deep end. This one is being done at 4.00am – and again its about manhole covers.

I am quite familiar with Hayward Brothers of Borough and their vintage manhole covers, coal hole lids, pavement lights (or light wells) etc. I had thought the company shut down quite a long time ago. This is another learning curve for me!

Hyde Park Now-Hayward Brothers on the tube
On a rare trip on the night tube in the early hours of Sunday 7 May 2017, it was most unexpected to find a large inspection cover belonging to Hayward Brothers on the tube.

As I entered the southbound platform of the Victoria Line I noticed this shiny inspection cover. I’ve been this way many times but never really looked at it because its just so busy in the day time.

Hyde Park Now-Hayward Brothers on the tube
To my amazement it’s signed as Hayward Brothers! This inspection cover must have been installed about 1967/68.

It surprises me Hayward Brothers had been involved in the construction of the Victoria Line. A quick web search shows the company was founded in 1783, and wound up around the 1970s. Clearly the work on the Victoria Line must have been one of their last major jobs – supplying steel inspection covers, and as I assume, steel framed steps to permit access beneath the platforms.

I shall have to take a closer look at other inspection covers on the tube from now on!