Hyde Park Now-Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels

Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels

Just a quick post today! Last week I wrote about various aspects regarding corporate London Underground decor, like those at Euston Square but including the little known ones that can be seen at the western end of the Cannon Street tube station platform. I had not known about the latter at all for they’re quite easy to miss – and thanks to comments on a You Tube video I learned of them.
Hyde Park Now-Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels
One of the roundels featured in last week’s post
I have been through the station again on three occasions in the past few days (including a visit to the new Mithraeum.) Its clear the station sports yet more examples of the old style of LT enamel panels on the ends of each of its platforms besides the westbound which has roundels denoting both the Circle and District Lines.
Hyde Park Now-Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels
The old style of panel can be seen either side of the tracks at the station’s east end in this view
At the eastern end for example there is a ‘Cannon Street’ panel and two pairs of plain panel with Circle and District Line banding present, including vertical upright banding – something Euston Square doesn’t have!
Hyde Park Now-Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels
The old style panels seen at the end of the eastbound platform
As I indicated in the previous post, the position of the CCTV cameras, plus cable ducts, meant that perhaps it was easiest that the panels simply be left in situ.
Its clear the station comprises of quite old LT tiling (the dreary mauve colour of tile the station’s platforms have always had! ) Its not that long since the station lost what were one of the last old style train indicators in use on the underground. The old style panels and the tiling fitted together as the pic below shows. The new styling doesn’t fit! The station obviously received a basic upgrade consisting of new corporate ID panels in lieu of the old, otherwise it is the same as it was in the 1970s/1980s. The new panels are built upon on a framework and raised clear of where the old style panels were. This was presumably to avoid re-tiling of the station. Its quite possible the old panels remain beneath the new.
Hyde Park Now-Update: Cannon Street's old tube panels
The panel on the westbound platform with its horizontal and vertical banding
I cant confirm if that is the case, but looking at the picture above it does seem possible there is more of the old style panels hidden. When one is on an eastbound train departing the station and looks back at the ‘Cannon Street’ panel at the far end of the eastbound platform in the instant just before the train enters the tunnel, it does seem as if the panels do extend beneath the newer type.
The panel at the east end of the westbound platform was possibly left in order to create a balance. That rather than having a new panel (of totally different size) very oddly placed at the end of the platform. Obviously it has worked because clearly few people have actually spotted the difference!