Hyde Park Now-Paddington station 1930s 'digital' clock

Paddington station 1930s 'digital' clock

Paddington station 8 November 1933 – inauguration of its new station clock. Or ginauguration as the report says! Is there such a word? Nope! Probably means gigantic inauguration…

It surprises me Paddington station had such a clock. It looks like a mechanical flip type, but its actually a rare type of scrolling analogue digit clock. The numbers have been enhanced by discs which gives the impression of digital – a style clearly ahead of its time!

The work to build the clock was done the same time as refurbishment was undertaken on the Brunel trainshed roof.

I’ve tried to find out more about this clock but no luck, seems there’s nothing except those few images from Getty’s archives.

Notice the large advert for Whiteley’s store extolling people to use any bus from Praed Street or the Met to Bayswater.

Hyde Park Now-Paddington station 1930s 'digital' clock
The same view today. The clock was where the wall above WHSmith is.

Constructing the clock – a slide show embedded from Getty’s:

Looking in the other direction the GWR obviously liked the idea of keeping its old clocks! Why replace when they worked perfectly well? Throw a bottle of Schweppes in for good measure 🙂

I assume this is the same perspective as that in the 1930s. The platforms may seem more distant in the current view however they were cut back in the 1990s to make the lawn area bigger:

Hyde Park Now-Paddington station 1930s 'digital' clock