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IMG 8425fi 300x183 - Crossrail's inconsistent signage

Crossrail’s inconsistent signage

Is Crossrail – the Elizabeth Line – consistent across the board? Apparently the answer seems to be no especially when...

IMG 6650fi 300x183 - Edgware Road station goes full throttle!

Edgware Road station goes full throttle!

Remember the furore… (was there actually one? Probably! Anyway it blew over quickly!) Okay, it was the one about the...

gdpbbayfi 300x183 - Banksy's online stores

Banksy’s online stores

Some of you may well have seen my post on Banksy’s pop up Croydon store – or perhaps more likely...

crossrailshawfi 300x183 - Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

Something strange is happening! Crossrail has some new Elizabeth Line maps on its platforms – and these indicate a rather...

xrhs2planefi 300x183 - Stop Crossrail1/2 and HS2!

Stop Crossrail1/2 and HS2!

Airport expansion? Who needs airports? Those huge big things that demand huge swathes of land just to fly winged contraptions...

IMG 0819fi 300x183 - An October rebellion #2

An October rebellion #2

I went about the various XR sites for a couple of hours and these are some of the pictures I...

xrrbtextfi.jpg 300x183 - An October rebellion #1

An October rebellion #1

It all began with an opening ceremony at Marble Arch on the Sunday night which many hundreds attended. That was...

metpolomfi 300x183 - The Met's Operation Midland

The Met’s Operation Midland

No doubt you have heard of this ‘OM’ – or Operation Midland – and how the police grovelled and tried...

DSC 0406fi 300x183 - Banksy's South London pop-up store

Banksy’s South London pop-up store

A new pop up shop has appeared in Croydon displaying some of Banksy’s hurriedly created wares. Its not wholly some...

IMG 0220fi 300x183 - Euston HS2 #10

Euston HS2 #10

Being the one about Chris Packham and Stop HS2. (And some of my own views I have not previously written...