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  • Hyde Park Now-King's Cross - for Regents Park?

    King's Cross – for Regents Park?

    King’s Cross – alight here for Regent’s Park? The ‘Park’ can be just seen underneath the Canal stickers That is what someone had in mind when they designed the new King’s Cross tube station signs! Despite this work being completed in 2009 I never noticed this until I took a close look at one of the stickers the […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-London Underground's coffee pots

    London Underground's coffee pots

    These coffee pots were once numerous in London yet do not have coffee in them! What are they? It’s a particular design of signal on the London Underground, a very old one. They looked rather like a coffee pot so that’s their name. Coffee pot signals have been about since the tube’s early days. One of the earliest pictures I can […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-East & North Acton blues

    East & North Acton blues

    30 years ago the wooden structures at the tube stations on the western end of the Central Line were painted in blue colours! Here’s a couple of pictures to prove it! East Acton in blue! 26 June 1987. East Acton 19 June 2016. The lamposts remain, the clock’s been moved and the trees behind have […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Fluorescent tube roundels!

    Fluorescent tube roundels!

    Southwark tube station has installed fluorescent style tube roundels for a few short days (16-19 June) to celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern extension. Three different colour styles were used. I went along to have a look. The eastbound platform with green on pink roundel Pink on green roundel designed by artist Michael […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-London icons at St John's Wood Tube

    London icons at St John's Wood Tube

    Harold Stabler designed these tiles which were made by Carter’s of Poole. These were for the new tube stations built by the London Passenger Transport Board from 1933 onwards and which included St John’s Wood, Swiss Cottage towards Stanmore, and from Bethnal Green towards Wanstead, Redbridge, Gants Hill, The Leytons, Woodford, Loughton and Epping/Hainault, plus […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-A Welsh mountain railway’s Catalonia twin

    A Welsh mountain railway’s Catalonia twin

    It’s often been thought the locomotives for the Snowdon Mountain Railway were a one-off batch from the SLM works at Winterthur, Switzerland. However further locomotives were built alongside the 1922 and 1923 builds for Snowdon (No.6 Sir Harmood/Padarn, No.7 Aylwyn/Ralph and No.8 Eryri) and these additional builds were acquired by a noted Spanish rack railway […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Ongar revisited

    Ongar revisited

    1962 stock at Ongar during February 1985 In 1989 London Regional Transport announced the return of a full weekday and weekend service to Ongar. It began on 30th October of that year, and huge banners were strung along the fencing in Ongar High Street to declare the new services. I took these pictures four years […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Leicester Square Triology 1 - The odd tube roundel

    Leicester Square Triology 1 – The odd tube roundel

    Leicester Square tube has what can be said to be a fairly unusual London Underground symbol. Its just like the rest, round, and its special, has the old style Johnson typeface pre 1930’s. Very unusually in terms of tube history these older roundels were introduced in 1935 (which by then was by then the modern […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-The South Kensington Subway #2

    The South Kensington Subway #2

    This is part two of a feature on the subway at South Kensington. Part one is here. The subway’s floors are not slippery… The subway was built by and the floors largely by Wilke’s Metallic Flooring & Eureka Concrete Company, who provided the flooring in some of London’s grand buildings and for other railway companies. […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-The South Kensington Subway

    The South Kensington Subway

    The South Kensington subway is the most heavily used foot tunnel in the UK, carrying many millions of people, and it links the tube station at South Kensington with London’s famous museums along Exhibition Road. These are the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum. The subway is owned by […]

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