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  • Hyde Park Now-King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #2

    King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct #2

    That darned canal aqueduct at King’s Cross is a major factor why the railway layout at this prestige London railway terminus has problems. Its not just that, there’s also the Camden sewer which also caused problems too by being right across the entrance to the three Gasworks tunnels. As we have seen, that sewer was […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-The Alfred County Railway

    The Alfred County Railway

    The Alfred County Railway was a two foot gauge line from Port Shepstone to Harding in KwaZulu Natal. Running for slightly less than a hundred years, it closed for good about five years or so ago after several attempts to revive its fortunes by way of tourism as well as a better freight service. In […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    The first official Great British Railways Logo!

    Great British Railways is on the way! Its basically a re-nationalisation of the railways (to some sort of extent based on the TfL model where individual companies manage the various transport systems TfL requires as part of the day to day operations keeping London on the move.) I’m not going to write very much about […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Sir Roundlington Lives!

    Sir Roundlington is a name you’ve probably never heard of. He was supposed to be a new TfL mascot, but he didn’t make the cut. Other examples of short-lived mascots include Wilfred the bunny, who failed to make the cut in the 1920s. Sir Roundlington is probably the least well-known, and after being deposed from […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-eBay has 1938 tube stock for sale!

    eBay has 1938 tube stock for sale!

    This is one of the units from the Island Line. The cost? ‘An eye watering price of £32,000’ says the Isle of Wight County Press! Someone claimed it wouldn’t be anything more than ‘an expensive shed.’ Another quipped ‘it won’t fit on your mantelpiece though!’ I’ll take that to be a fair enough warning… lol! […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-More Urbex deep level tube exploits

    More Urbex deep level tube exploits

    The Beno You Tube channel is usually one that features lifts and rides on top of these as well as a good look at different types of lift systems, and also trains, metros and trams around the world. The person who runs it has increasingly been doing a wider range of Urbex stuff and several […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-King's Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct

    King’s Cross tunnels & canal aqueduct

    The King’s Cross upgrade is a complex project because of the proximity of the adjacent tunnels known as Gasworks to the main line station and its platforms. This is why the layout was hugely rationalised in the seventies – in order to provide more flexibility – however that came with certain caveats which have only […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Rail trespassers of 1965

    Rail trespassers of 1965

    On many railways around the world its apparently quite okay to walk upon or by a railway line even though the operating authorities would really rather people didn’t do it. In a few countries it isn’t even an any sort of okay and Britain is one of those where trespassing’s a definite no-no. Despite the […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Secret Vault beats Hidden London again!

    Secret Vault beats Hidden London again!

    Whether one wants a clinically presented (yet in depth knowledge) or a no frills, haphazard yet exciting exploration of the Kingsway subway is probably down to one’s individual preferences, but once again Secret Vault have gone where Hidden London Hangouts missed out! The fact its ‘Holborn Tramway’ doesn’t indicate some sort of new, exciting tram […]

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  • Hyde Park Now-Thomas Telford in detail (2)

    Thomas Telford in detail (2)

    This is the second part of the feature on Thomas Telford’s achievements. The first part of this feature uses colour versions of the Rosoman painting located on the left hand side of the work sourced from the Internet with some upscaling involved. This second part depicts the structures on the right hand side of Leonard […]

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