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IMG 0686fi 300x186 - What the Helch?

What the Helch?

What the….? No its not hell, but Helch. If you do not know what Helch means well you are in...

IMG 0505fi 300x186 - The canals' duckweed war

The canals' duckweed war

Some years ago the then sibling charity Canal and River Trust had thought to themselves ‘the duckweed war is being...

schwebtfi 300x186 - The Schwebebahn reopens!

The Schwebebahn reopens!

After an eight month closure following the failure of the monorail’s stromschiene (power rail if you like) where a 300...

abbeyrdfi 300x186 - Abbey Road at fifty

Abbey Road at fifty

Its alright now, we’ve reached the fiftieth anniversary of the world’s most famous zebra crossing. Actually there’s been a zebra...

IMG 0591fi 300x186 - Samsung's new King's Cross store

Samsung's new King's Cross store

Samsung’s new store at Coal Drops Yard (CDY) in King’s Cross is an impressive place to visit and demonstrates the...

bluetrainfi 300x186 - The Blue Train

The Blue Train

Britain’s newest train, can be said to be ‘blue in the face’ because its had so many mishaps, its had...

EA57usvWkAAjxwd 300x186 - Toddbrook Reservoir

Toddbrook Reservoir

The dam at Toddbrook. Source: Twitter By now most of the world will have read of the calamity at Toddbrook...

IMG 9835fi 300x186 - London's Grand Designs

London's Grand Designs

‘London is home to some of the world’s most striking architecture and innovative engineering. Whether driven by divine purpose or...

DSC 0872fi 300x186 - A rose scented King's Cross tube

A rose scented King's Cross tube

This is certainly an unusual advertising campaign for it escapes the conventional in order to embrace the delectable! Hendrick’s Gin...

IMG 7473fi 300x186 - A droog mural

A droog mural

Perhaps London’s best droog mural of all time? This is Alex Burgess, or more generally, Alex De Large, the violent...