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0001209 300x208 - Windsor swans

Windsor swans

A brief visit to Windsor yesterday – lots of swans on the Thames as always! These swans belong to the...

1926ma 300x163 - Bibi - London 1926

Bibi – London 1926

In the past week several sources have discussed the new Photographer Gallery exhibition on Jacques Henri Lartigue and his wife, Bibi....

IMG 7571 300x148 - The London Volunteer Cavalry in Hyde Park, 1804

The London Volunteer Cavalry in Hyde Park, 1804

A Hyde Park mystery! ‘A Review of the London Volunteer Cavalry and Flying Artillery in Hyde Park 1804,’ by unknown,...

IMG 8087 300x209 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain

The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain

Matilda the milkmaid This sculpture must be the Regent’s Park Arts Frieze most unknown contribution! Ignored by hordes of Frieze...

IMG 8241 300x200 - Primrose Hill sunset

Primrose Hill sunset

A lovely sunset on Primrose Hill yesterday evening – beautiful fluffy clouds!

DSCF0438 300x216 - Roger Fenton's home

Roger Fenton's home

I’ve passed this house many times on the bus to Camden. Who lived here? It was the home of one...

beatles2 300x217 - Beatles at the Palladium

Beatles at the Palladium

London Palladium, in Argyll Street, just off Regent Street/Oxford Circus Fifty Years ago the Beatles appeared at the London Palladium...

IMG 7918 300x197 - Scary monster!

Scary monster!

One of London’s scary monsters! We have lots!

DSC03244 300x203 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)

Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)

The final part of the article covering the Shoreditch Streets Portraiture project. To recap, the project ran throughout most of 2002,...

IMG 7527 300x200 - A lovely country scene

A lovely country scene

I rarely go to the countryside, but when I do I take lots of pictures. Sadly I have not been...