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burntysky 300x160 - Burtynsky revisited

Burtynsky revisited

I noticed two articles today in the online media around Edward Burtynsky and his work. The Telegraph has a photo gallery...

d300 300x183 - Interview: Kate Elliott (Photographer's Gallery)

Interview: Kate Elliott (Photographer's Gallery)

Monday 18 June 2012, Photographers Gallery, London Kate at the Photographer’s Gallery1: What initially interested you in photography? Kate: I...

d300n 300x183 - Quantum Photography?

Quantum Photography?

Ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat? You know, the one that’s either dead or alive. Quantum physics dictates that the cat...

camdenbr 300x161 - A couple of pics today

A couple of pics today

I did a recce along the Regents Canal today, the weather showing promising signs of being better than it usually...

d300 300x183 - Photography a silent form of communication?

Photography a silent form of communication?

I was intrigued to read that photography is a silent form of communication, but also one of the most effective...

kingscross 300x216 - London Festival Photography - Kings Cross

London Festival Photography – Kings Cross

Just passing through Kings Cross I thought I’d take a look at the new station concourse. Its a very impressive...

d300 300x183 - Camera Obscura Illusion

Camera Obscura Illusion

A camera obscura is a sort of an old worldy thing that enabled people to have a 3D view of...

burntyoil 300x171 - Burtynsky: Oil (Photographer's Gallery)

Burtynsky: Oil (Photographer's Gallery)

Today I made my first visit to the new (or rather, half new, half old) Photographer’s Gallery in Ramillies Street...

lumen 239x300 - The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

I discovered a leaflet about an unusual exhibition, one that few probably have heard of but nevertheless a fascinating display...

d300n 300x183 - The existential photographer

The existential photographer

I decided to quickly look around the net and see if there were any articles or blogs related to existential...