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  • Construction of Oxford Circus station 1962-69

    Hyde Park Now-Construction of Oxford Circus station 1962-69

    As most will know the Victoria Line fully opened in its original format during March 1969 – and this alone ensured the Victoria Line received great publicity worldwide compared to the mediocre openings of the earlier stages between Walthamstow and Warren Street. It was an event where the Queen of the British Isles became the […]

  • Jubilee Line 40th Anniversary

    Hyde Park Now-Jubilee Line 40th Anniversary

    A post that does what its says on the label! But first a lovely photo collage from the London Transport Museum…. Opening scenes, posters and futuristic station architecture. Source: Twitter The Jubilee Line is, as some say, a silver fox. Its really so very old! Here’s a picture of the site where Queensbury station would […]

  • King’s Cross Euston Warren St 1968

    Hyde Park Now-King’s Cross Euston Warren St 1968

    On this day, 1st December 1968 the Victoria Line opened stage two of its Walthamstow to Victoria route which entailed just three new stations. King’s Cross, Euston and Warren Street. Much like the first stage, this second was conducted without ceremony with services starting to a normal timetable. Again it fell on a Sunday, London […]

  • Euston Station Anniversary Special

    Hyde Park Now-Euston Station Anniversary Special

    On this day fifty years ago the Queen opened the new Euston station. This embedded video (below) from You Tube shows pretty much the whole proceedings. The large stone unveiled by the Queen still stands to this day near the escalators leading to the tube station. Euston station is a place one can either like, […]

  • St Pancras at 150 #2

    Hyde Park Now-St Pancras at 150 #2

    A follow on from Monday’s feature which showed mainly aspects of the station and the railway from the 1860s to the 21st century. This section covers the years to 2018, from the reconstruction of St. Pancras as an international station right through to the 150 celebrations and includes many aspects of the hotel itself as […]

  • St Pancras at 150

    Hyde Park Now-St Pancras at 150

    Today its 150 years since St. Pancras station opened its doors. These pictures range from the construction of the station right to the present as well as the hotel and other aspects and there is a good variety of pictures to be seen. On the first of October 2018, the station will be holding its […]