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  • Elizabeth line – black or blue?

    Hyde Park Now-Elizabeth line - black or blue?

    No not a punch up or anything but rather information. We want information! information! Information. By hook or by crook you wont get it – except in maybe black with white lettering these days! Or yellow/orangey font against a back background as has been the norm for decades. Okay let’s Start Me Up! The Elizabeth […]

  • Greater Anglia Class 745/315 Flirt!

    Hyde Park Now-Greater Anglia Class 745/315 Flirt!

    This is a video of the Greater Anglia Flirt (16.30 > Norwich) on 28 March 2022, but that’s not the important bit! Rather its the Class 315 which can be seen constantly in the 745’s windows as the trains race each other to Stratford! The 315s are still doing several duties a day from Liverpool […]

  • The Elizabeth line’s ‘ship impact protection’

    Hyde Park Now-The Elizabeth line's 'ship impact protection'

    Ship impact protection? What the heck is that? Well its a means of protecting something from being hit by ships. You know ships can be pretty nasty if they collide with something, say another boat, a quay or even buildings sited alongside water. Thus its said that Canary Wharf is the only Elizabeth Line station […]

  • Crossrail – the Old Oak scene

    Hyde Park Now-Crossrail - the Old Oak scene

    I bet you never realised Crossrail had major working sites at both of West London’s ‘Oaks!’ That is, Royal Oak and Old Oak. The former is the location where the tunnels begin their journey to either East or South East London, and the latter is where the company built and stored its thousands and thousands […]

  • Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

    Hyde Park Now-Crossrail: Shenfield to Abbey Wood services?

    Something strange is happening! Crossrail has some new Elizabeth Line maps on its platforms – and these indicate a rather strange route that hasn’t been envisaged before. This route is from Shenfield to Abbey Wood – via Liverpool Street! As the pictures below show, this really is something. What would it mean if TfL is […]

  • 345 driver confused at Stratford?

    Hyde Park Now-345 driver confused at Stratford?

    One of TfL Rail’s Class 345’s (one-day-to-be an Elizabeth Line train) an eastbound ex Liverpool Street heading for Shenfield had its doors opened on the wrong side at Stratford. The train was the 21.27. The reasons for this incident are so far not known however one person said the driver had to be ‘woken’ to […]